Friday, April 2, 2010

M Linden - Publicity

The inaugral exhibition of M Linden (Mark Kingdom), CEO of Linden Labs, has attracted a lot of press. Here are a few of the links, images and machinima this RL/SL crossover show has generated.

Chantal Harvey's machinima of M's speech

M Linden/Mark Kingdon Doodle Art Expo at UWA in Second Life - by Chantal Harvey
which gives you a good view of the 3d doodles M Linden made to accompany his 2d images.

Second Life Showcase/Destination - UWA's Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery hosting M Linden's work becomes the 2nd space within the UWA SIMS to be named a Second LIfe destination for the arts!
Torley Linden had a peek: doodle art by M Linden/Mark Kingdon

To see the images that began this whole project go to M Linden's Flickr Stream

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