Saturday, March 27, 2010

M Linden Art Show at UWA - RL & SL Crossover

The University of Western Australia is proud to announce that we have already kicked off the RL version of 'Doodle Art', Linden Lab CEO, M Linden's (Mark Kingdon) Personal Art Show! The SL version was held:

When: Saturday, March 27th, 2010 at 3 PM SLT (US Pacific)

Where: Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, University of Western Australia (UWA)

Alternate Location if SIM is full: (front of Winthrop Clock Tower - note you will be able to 'Cam' to the gallery from here but not be able to listen to anything in voice)

Chantal & White

This is the 2nd collaboration between the Linden Labs CEO & UWA, as M is on the Grand Prize judging panel for the year long, UWA 3D Art & Design (UWA3DA&D) Challenge!

Left to right: Len Zuks, Jayjay, Ian McArthur

The audience at the RL launch were amazed by the quiet elegance of M's works. Present at the event were Professor Ian McArthur (RL), Head of the School of Physics at UWA and Ionat Zurr (RL), Director of Symbiotica, along with SL notables quadrapop Lane (curator of the UWA3DA&D), Raphaella Nightfire (CEO, Evane Modelling Agency) and master of the miniature, Dusty Canning. quadrapop said the following of the experience.

Gumby Roffo & quadrapop ham it up @ the SL opening
"M linden's RL doodles draw you in. They are obviously made by someone with that 'eye' only artists have. It does not surprise me to learn M's first passion was to be a painter. Len Zuks' sculptures for this exhibition are smaller in RL than you would expect having the recreations in SL - but pack a punch and Len is a bundle of mischeivious energy, the best kind of artist with both practical as well as artistic ability."

Hosting the RL event, was award winning West Australian artist Len Zuks . Len has collaborated with Miso Susanowa who has breathed a fresh second life into his sculptures, 'Megabyte' and 'Lil Eizenstein', in a first ever RL/SL collaboration between American and West Australian artists. His RL sculptures stood alongside M Linden's works as he oficially declared the RL exhibition open!
Len examines M's doodle closely during the RL opening

The first time he saw M's work, Len said:
"It is not 10 minutes since my eyes first beheld an image of one of Mark Kingdon's artworks. I had been in discussion with Jayjay for several weeks on this anticipatory moment. If I had seen any other style of illustration, it would have been of a lesser impact. The unexpected image and the subsequent revealing insights was an unequivocal surprise. It is as if I had bypassed the artist's eyes and had a glimpse into the mechanism of the artist's mind. Wow! "

Jayjay Ziffanwe @ the SL opening

The SL exhibition opening was well attended, JayJay opening it with a short speech describing how this came about and introducing M Linden who then took questions from the floor.

M Linden in front of one of his SL 'doodles' @ Sl opening

M Linden answers questions from the audience

Machinima Created for this RL/SL Crossover:

Machinima, Doodle Art: The Art of M. Linden - By Larkworthy Antfarm

Chantal Harvey

M Linden/Mark Kingdon Doodle Art Expo at UWA in Second Life - by Chantal Harvey

Machinima, Lil Eizenstein - By Chantal Harvey

Machinima, Megabyte - By Chantal Harvey

Miso Susanowa with Iono Allen in the background

Blog post on Lil Eizenstein - By Miso Susanowa

Blog post on Megabyte - By Miso Susanowa

Publicity surrounding the event:
Metaverse Journal
SL Enquirer
New World Notes: Chestnut's Choices
soror Nishi's Blog
My So-called Virtual Life
Lane's List

Artists: M Linden, Len Zuks, Miso Susanowa
The Curator: White Lebed
UWA Owner & Co-Host: JayJay Zifanwe
The Gallery builders: The Slingshot, Nyx Breen
Logo, T-Shirts & RL/SL Crossover Builds by: Miso Susanowa
T-Shirt: Morigan Denimore
Promotional Machinimas: Chantal Harvery and Larkworthy Antfarm
Music: Kolor Fall/Patrick Faith
RL Host at UWA: Len Zuks


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