Wednesday, March 10, 2010

UWA VIRTLANTIS, Second Life English & The Tower of Light


UWA VIRTLANTIS: Official opening 5am SLT Sunday 14th March

The UWA Virtlantis Sim, represents the coming together of the University of Western Australia's expanding education programme and Second Life English led by Kip Yellowjacket.

This, the 4th of the Sims of The University of Western Australia in SL, is a collaboration that will explore and take the lead in new and exciting developments in the area of in-world language learning/teaching.

In the centre of this sim, stands resplendant the majestic 4km high Tower of Light, built by the incredible David "DC" Spensley, of San Francisco, who is DanCoyote Antonelli in Second Life. The symbolism of the tower is as the 'anti-Tower of Babel', in this case bringing together peoples and languages and cultures from all over the world.

In DC's words, "The Tower of Light is an attempt to encourage people to look past the scale imposed by representations of the material world within virtual space. While familiar objects provide visual anchors and clues to the function of virtual artifice, they might also mask the true nature of conditions in virtual space and limit the potential these conditions actually represent.

It breaks out of the these artificial boundaries and encourages the virtual citizen to broaden their view literally and figuratively. In this way the purpose of the Tower of Light resonates with the intent of Second Life English Education and the University of Western Australia to empower people to look beyond appearances and seek insight into the true nature of the world we inhabit. Many thanks to UWA for this honor."

We welcome one and all to the launch of UWA Virtlantis, dedicated to language, education and the exchange of culture!

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