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A wonderful steampunk based work called the 'Atomic-Go-Round' by US Midwest (Indiana) artist, Atomic Gaffer claimed the L$5,000 IMAGINE Prize in the February round of the UWA 3D Art & Design Imagine Challenge. At the same time, the Nyx Breen machine rolled on to claim another win in the Flagship Challenge with his 'AxS Gallery,' this is the 3rd time overall he has won the main Flagship Prize.

Nyx also went back-to-back with winning the Casey Cultural Prize with the same building as he constructed his Flagship entry from typical WA materials; jarrah and limestone.

For this prize though, he had to share the limelight, as there was a tie for first prize with Olmia Tenk and her entry 'Viewing WA'. Olmia's work brought together historic, contemporary and multi-cultural dimensions of WA in a diorama form.

Commenting on his win, Atomic Gaffer said, "Thank you very much JayJay, Quad and everyone else associated with the UWA! My artwork, both RL and SL tend to be very thematic, and I try to tell a story in every piece. Many are quite dark in their approach. "Atomic Go-Round" was a cathartic departure for me that was quite enjoyable and freeing. I use the same techniques and approach in RL and SL work, and the Carousel was really very enjoyable to create and watch people enjoy."

Nyx has also already submitted his March build for the Flagship challenge and it will take a lot from preventing this juggernaught from winning his 4th top Flagship Prize. Nyx Breen said, "Well thank you again, it has been an honor and a privilege to work with learn from and share with so many truly great artist that the UWA experience has provided to me. Honestly, it has been the highlight of my creative side in SL to associated with this group. And thank you to the Casey Cultural Committee for their opportunity in helping me recognize that SL is truly a multi-world and multi-learning opportunity that I believe it was originally designed to be when it was conceived. Thank you again. I'm looking forward to March and the wonderful art and experiences we will share. If the creations are as good as we have seen in the first half of the year we are in for some amazing things."

Numerous other awards were also given, and the Artist Book Prize was won by the RL/SL combination of Len Zuks and Miso Susanowa with their work 'Lil' Eizenstein'.

The People's Choice Award taken by Pol Jarvinen's 'Castle' over Fuschia Nightfire's somewhat controversial piece.

soror Nishi's
'Night Orchid' took out the Best Non-Scripted Imagine prize, and Alizarin Goldflake took 2nd Prize for the Imagine Challenge for a 2nd time with her piece 'Night light'.

A record total of 74 entries were submitted for the February round of the challenge with 71 artworks for IMAGINE and 3 FLAGSHIP builds. Challenge co-host, Jayjay Zifanwe said, "The international connections made through SL are very important to me, and through FEBRUARY, the challenges have seen Artists & Builders hailing from Canada, the USA, the UK, Uruguay, Scotland, England, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, France, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, Holland, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Cuba, Serbia, Tunisia, Germany, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. Thats 6 of the 7 continents of the world represented. Special prize to the person who introduces me to an artist from Antarctica!".

Other winners on the night included Ivy Lane & Phil Metalhead (2nd prize, Flagship Challenge), Gumby Roffo (Honary Mention, Casey Cultural Prize), Physeter Nicholls (Honary Mention, Artist Book Prize) and the Honary mention prize winners from the Imagine Challenge fro February; Sharni Azalee, FreeWee Ling, Ub Yifu, and Feathers Boa.

Developments within the UWA presence in SL were also announced.
The 4th UWA Sim has come on-line, thanks to a partnership with Kip Yellowjacket & Second Life English. The 4th SIM, UWA Virtlantis will be launched at 5am SLT on Sunday 14th March and will feature what is probably the tallest structure currently existing in Second Life, DanCoyote Antonelli's Tower of Light. The Tower is symbolic as an anti-tower of Babel, as the aim of this SIM is to bring together peoples and cultures from all around the world for language exchange and learning

Another development is the partnership between BURNIVERSITY and UWA with regards to Artist talks. More to follow on this, but we'll end with this joint statement by White Lebed and Jayjay, "Sometimes the best things happen naturally, spontaneously without any planning. When it came up that the Burniversity educational program led by White Lebed was similar to the UWA Artist Talks, we both thought that is would be of benefit to co-brand the events. When hosted at Burniversity with White, it will be the Burniversity/UWA Artist Talk, and when hosted at UWA with quadrapop Lane it will be the UWA/Burniversity Artist Talk. Previous collaborations such as the Machinima have been very successful, and we know that our collaboration in this as well can be very productive and mutually beneficial. We are sure the art talks will become something extremely valuable for the SL artists, for those who participate in Burning Life events and also in the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenges!"

ColeMarie Soleil's machinima review of the January IMAGINE Winners. And Magggnnus Woodget's use of the same machinima viewed from within SL using the new Beta SL Viewer 2.0's SharedMedia as part of his own video of the UWA Winners Party Feb 2010. This new SL viewer will see a renaissance in what Art can be and do in SL, what Magggnnus has done is but one small offering of the huge possibilities of this one new aspect of SL.

Photos of the February entries taken by quadrapop Lane are available on the UWAinSL KOINUP page.


Imagine Challenge 1st Prize
($L5,000 + Custom T-Shirt)

ATOMIC-GO-ROUND by Atomic Gaffer

Imagine Challenge 2nd Prize

NIGHT LIGHT by Alizarin Gldflake

Best Non-Scripted Entry
($L1,250 + Custom T-Shirt)

THE NIGHT ORCHID by soror Nishi

Casey WA Cultural Prize 1st Prize

VIEWING WA by Olmia Tenk & AXS GALLERY by Nyx Breen


Flagship Challenge 1st Prize
AxS GALLERY by Nyx Breen

Flagship Challenge 2nd Prize

ANGEL GALLERY by Ivy Lane & Phil Metalhead

Honourable Mention Prize for CASEY CULTURAL PRIZE

MV OCEAN DROVER by Gumby Roffo

Honourable Mention Prize for TECHNICAL BRILLIANCE

MAKING LOVE by Sharni Azalee

Honourable Mention Prize for ILLUSION

MAYA by Miso Susanowa

Honourable Mention Prize for INTERACTION


Honourable Mention Prize for RADIANCE

SUN'S BIRTH by Ub Yifu

Honourable Mention Prize for SUBTLETY

URBAN ANGEL by Feathers Boa


LIL' EIZENSTEIN Len Zuks & Miso Susanowa

ARTIST BOOK PRIZE - Honourable Mention

WHO WROTE THE BOOK Physeter Nicholls


CASTLE by Pol Jarvinen

The UWA 3d Art & Design Challenge Entries receiver will be accepting entries for the March round till 31st March. Get your entry in early, as works come in they are displayed, so the sooner the entries are received the longer they are on display. The February display will be pulled down by Wednesday this week and the new works will start to go up, we already have some exciting entries for March.

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