Thursday, March 4, 2010

February People's choice

The UWA 3D Art & Design People's Choice board for February is up and running - you only have until midnight SLT Saturday 6th March (that's under 72 hours as of time of posting) to get on over to the Imagine Challenge display platform on UWA to look at an incredible 71 artworks (the board only fits 70!) spread over 4 levels. The People's Choice board has grown so big that we had to move it to the back of the main floor (Level 1).

Each visitor has 3 votes to cast on their favourite works (one per work) and we don't envy you the task as this month is no exception in the hard to pick stakes...

There is something for everyone... traditional sculpture, SL only sculpture, immersive builds, interactive, puzzling, even politically motivated works.

Turn draw to 128-250m, turn music down and sounds up, touch everything, sit on everything (you may even be rescued by a robot! - and get a free outfit for your efforts), try walking into sculptures, play streaming media and explore video art, and 'cam' inside. See if you can find the following.... a monkey, a goldfish, a sheep, a kangaroo and the earth at night.

As Soror said in her blog post about this month's display "There are 70 entries, this month, and everyone is worth a look and some are worth two looks"

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