Saturday, March 26, 2011

UWA Art Challenge & Artists Nominated for Best of SL Awards

Congratulations to many involved in the UWA Art Challenges for their nominations to the Best of Second Life Awards.

A big thank you to quadrapop Lane & Freewee Ling curator of the UWA Art Challenges for their efforts that have seen the UWA Art Challenges nominated for Best Original Project. Of course vital to the very existance of these challenges is Professor Ted Snell, Director of the Cultural Precinct at UWA and Chair of the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council.

Also thank you to the artists of Second Life for this. It is your talent and creativity that is responsible for the UWA nomination. We stand on the backs of giants!

Congrats also to Bryn Oh, Glyph Graves, Eliza Wierwight, Sharni Azalee, Cherry Manga and Nish Mip whose works have graced and uplifted the UWA Challenges for their nominations for Best Original Artist.

Incredibly, Eliza Wierwight is nominated in 2 categories, the only one to have 2 nominations, this one in the Best Home Furnishings Category.

Interview Responses from Frolic Mills (BOSL CEO)

1. Q: Are the BOSL AWARDS only for associates of THE BEST OF SL Magazine and CO?
1. A: No, over 65% of the people on this list I don´t even know, nor are related in any way with me nor BOSL.

2. Q: Why didn´t you include Film, Machinima or other categories?
2. A: I don’t dare do an awards show in a category I know nothing about. I think there are more qualified people to host these awards.

3. Q: Did Frolic Mills nominate and will decide who the winners will be?
3. A: Absolutely not. The nominees were selected from hundreds of notecards sent in from descerning experienced fashionistas, members of the press and content creators themselves.

4. Q: Frolic, why wasn´t I nominated? I am really good, was this an oversight?
4. A: Unfortunately it wasn´t. People who are not on the list, simply did not get enough nominations.

5. Q: Does the list reflect Frolic Mill’s personal opinion?
5. A: Not necessarily. But I am very happy with the list, and I do think it very nicely represents some of the biggest contributors in Second Life.

6. Q: Frolic how will you survive these awards? Some people are really upset!
6. A: I don’t know. If you find my avatar lying in some dark alley with flies around my lips, please throw it away in the pond next to my home! Thanks

7. Q: Can I vote?
7. A: If you are an experienced fashionista, member of the press or a content creator, you may type up your winners and send to me on a notecard. The BOSL AWARDS are not a popularity contest, its more about celebrating those content creators who make Second Life a better place.

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