Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vale Sabrinaa Nightfire

Soror put it so well all we can do is quote her:
"Sabrinaa Nightfire started on the most transformational of journeys today when she left both SL and RL after a difficult illness."

We all leave traces behind and on Sunday 6th March Sabrinaa left RL but as you can see from what follows she left a great many traces behind in SL, in RL and on the web. Her art, her friendships and the many people she touched in her 3 years in SL are her living memorial.

UWA is proud to have in its growing collection several of her works - she entered the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge first in November 2009 and her last entry was in the December round of the UWA 3DOpen Art Challenge

Sabrinaa's December 2010 entry at UWA: Stage 4. (Poseball has an angry animation)

UWA November 2010 entry: Green Peas and Magic Orange Orb

Sabrinaa's artist biography on Pirats site and a video of one of the many exhibitions Sabrinaa took part in - this one at Pirats in February of 2010 - Sabrinaa's flowers outside add a colourful accent to the white spaces. (provided by Newbab Zsigmond):

FreeWee Ling curator of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge:

I knew Sabrinaa as a tirelessly enthusiastic friend of virtual art and a wonderful collaborator. She was always generous with her time, her talent, and her praise of others. When she liked someone, she'd do everything she could to support them. She did that with me and I saw her do that with others. I owe her a lot.

quadrapop Lane curator of the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge:

I remember how excited I was when Sabrinaa asked me to contribute to the Future of Erato exhibition, she was helpful and encouraging. And then later to be involved in the one texture show seeing her handle seemingly with ease the difficulties of getting so many artists to work together. She again showed much enthusiasm when she was involved in the Cearleon Avatar Identity show. Her total involvement in the artistic process was at all times evident, such passion will be sorely missed.

Below are two of the now poignant pieces she entered in the July 2010 round of the UWA 3d Art & Design Challenge:

Wings of Hope, by Sabrinaa Nightfire

View from my Bedroom, by Sabrinaa Nightfire

The first pieces she entered in November 2009, Steam Powered Computer, and a bunch of her colourful flowers

Her entries in May 2010 are more characteristic of the colourful flower sculptures she has become known for:

On Bryn Oh's blog Bryn mentions a dual world memorial service to be held, many friends and colleagues have left comments there.

Sabrinaa's aunt Lelanda Lee posted about her here which includes a picture by Sabrinaa of her avatar seated on Stage 4.

Please share your memories of Sabrinaa and any links to articles and blogs about her or her work in the comments.

Our sympathy and best wishes go out to her family and friends in both worlds.


  1. Sabrinaa

    Pixels are brought to life
    Filling out the empty space
    and relations between the lines
    make room for our mind

    One creation is to live and make a sign
    what's left is other people's thoughts
    but you make them not forget
    a beautiful mind


  2. When the news about Sabrinaa began circulating on Twitter, I was very grateful to find her aunt's blog post:


    Though the news was a shock, I was grateful to know the truth. Too often people simply disappear from SL and we don't know why.

    I first met Sabrinaa at an opening at her older gallery where she was, very typically, showcasing the work of other artists. Miso Susanowa was exhibiting and that is the day I first met her, too. soror Nishi was in the show and because the opening was so laggy, she had found a spot to stand and was not moving come hell or high water. The place was packed with avatars, thus the lag. Regardless of the lag, most people stayed on through the event and that had a lot to do with Sabrinaa. She had a manner and personality that people found naturally attractive.

    It was always a delight to see an announcement from Sabrinaa that she was conducting a contest at Erato of Caerleon. I enjoyed participating in them and seeing all the wonderful work done by other people. When it came time to announce winning entries, I think Sabrinaa was often at least as excited as the winners themselves. Even in text chat, she was able to communicate an unspoken feeling of her own happiness and joy. I will miss her but I will not forget her.

  3. an impromptu memorial to Sabrinaa Nightfire has popped up on her sim Erato of Caerleon here: http://bit.ly/fXomXU includes a guestbook link.

  4. The tide recedes, but leaves behind
    bright seashells on the sand.
    The sun goes down, but gentle warmth
    still lingers on the land.
    The music stops, yet echoes on
    in sweet, soulful refrains.
    For every joy that passes,
    something beautiful remains...

    rest in peace