Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Review of Chuckmatrix Clip's Immanentize the Eschaton Exhibit (by Victoria Lenoirre )

The UWA FULL SIM ART SIM went offline late afternoon on August 18th. But at least for the last 2 days, I got the chance to walk around CHUCKMATRIX Clip's exhibit, Immanentize the Eschaton.

Imagine living in a mythical, war-ravaged world where dragons, giants, and other creatures of fantasy roam free! The sky is red and angry-looking and the place is in turmoil. It's a realm of death and hate. After I landed, I noticed an altar with skulls piled on another and a cross, "Forbidden Romance". Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of the altar and skulls before the sim went down. At the base of the altar were about 3 skulls. The fire from the altar was a bright purple, quite a contrast with the white and red colors. The altar also had a cross to go with it.

All through this exhibit I am struck by the colors, the greens, the browns, the grays, even the purple. It's vivid and it serves as a dichotomy of life & majesty and death & destruction. You can see the difference between small and huge...standing still or being in motion. Though some of the characters are static, their limbs are bent and positioned like they're they froze as they were moving. There is creation and destruction. The Omen is an interesting example of creation and destruction. Watch him bow, crumble into rocks, and then reform again. The effect is startling and truly creative.

You can also see good versus evil. In front of The Omen are two winged creatures frozen in battle. One is ivory white and the other is black like The Omen. Will Good win over Evil in this world CHUCKMATRIX has created?

The pictures I have taken were taken at the sim where CHUCKMATRIX has his gallery, :CMC:. I got to meet this talented artist and chat with him a bit about his work.

CHUCKMATRIX describes his depiction as "the War of the Worlds"...a mythical war of epic proportion. It's a war of big and small, good and evil, hope and despair, darkness and light, life and death.

His exhibit is truly incredible and I enjoyed walking around it while I still could. The work and detail put into every object and figure is so careful and beautiful. He told me that one of his giants, The Omen, took him several weeks just to plan and build. The Omen was around 50 meters tall, complete with animation. And his builds are all prim...and you thought only sculpts could look good?! Well, you have to see his work and do visit his store. I'm sure he'd love to show you around...when he's not busy building or spending time with his friends.

CHUCKMATRIX went on a year long hiatus from SL and came back a few months ago. So this is his grand comeback into art. Well done, Chuck and welcome back!

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