Sunday, August 28, 2011

UWA People's Choice Voting Now Open!

Come experience the 62 amazing entries for the August UWA 3D Open Art Challenge. Choose your favorites for the People's Choice Awards.

VOTING ENDS Saturday 3 September August at noon SLT.



Vote for as many entries as you like, on a scale of 1 to 3. Note that ANY VOTE is a POSITIVE vote. If you don't like something, don't vote for it. It's important that you look at all the works and to vote for all the pieces that truly speak to you. You are, of course, welcome to encourage your friends to come see the show and to vote for their favorite pieces. But please don't ask them to just come and vote for yours. It's about the art, not the artist!

Guest Blogger Rowan Derryth on the August Round
Silene Christen on her August Round Work
Apmel Goosson on the August Roun Works
Guest Blogger Victoria Lennoire on the August Round Works

1 Alexxannder Firehawk Anyway The Red Can Go
2 Aloisio Congrejo What's happening?
3 Artistide Despres Petite etude sur Olivier Messiaen
4 Betty Tureaud QR Code v05
5 Blunt Fhang Cosmic Cloud
6 Cherry Manga Aerie
7 Cherry Manga Bird Song
8 CHUCKMATRIX Clip Zephyrus
9 CHUCKMATRIX Clip Going Under
10 Corcosman Voom Goat & Flute
11 Daco Monday Sunset
12 Daco Monday Lights
13 Dekka Raymaker Your Confusion - My Illusion
14 Dusty Canning Read My Lips
15 Earl Dinkin Mosquito Coffee Skull Machine Trap
16 Eliza Wierwight The Abandoned Daughter
17 Emilin Nakamori Still Life With Monkeywrench
18 Fae Varriale Phoenix
19 Frankx Lefavre Post Apocalyptic Golgotha
20 Fuschia Nightfire Fighting Stallions
21 Giovanna Cerise Alternate rhythm
22 Gleman Jun The death of the others
23 Gleman Jun Desperation
24 Glyph Graves Excerpts from Realities
25 Harter Fall Deep Maze
26 Harter Fall Behind Columns
27 Haveit Neox Binary Stable
28 Ichiko Miles Digitz
29 Ichiko Miles Bowling with Jesus
30 Jimmy Debruyere Butter in Green
31 Jimmy Debruyere Tiled Totem
32 Kicca Igaly The Monade
33 Lenore666 Loire *DBL* Pointy Thingy
34 Lollito Larkham Infernal Machine
35 Luko Enoch Burning Monk tribute
36 mcarp Mavendorf Multiplexer
37 Miso Susanowa Anemone Cluster with Seahorses
38 Nino Vichan Hamlet - Alas poor Yorick
39 Oberon Onmura The Chasm
40 oona Eiren Do bears shit in the woods
41 PeanutbuttahJellehTime Magic Rise & Shine
42 Penumbra Carter Grand Hotel BON PORT
43 Pixels Sideways Omnipotent
44 RAG Randt MFS 001
45 RAG Randt Saint Mono
46 RazorZ Absquarium
47 RazorZ Thinker! (Thinking in Circles)
48 Romy Nayar En el Viento- In the Wind
49 Romy Nayar En el Agua- In the water
50 Secret Rage for all its beauty, it is still...just a cage...
51 Secret Rage The Great Debate
52 Silene Christen Forest's tears
53 Silene Christen Requiem for Mother Earth
54 Sledge Roffo HOPE Mountain
55 Sledge Roffo In Silico - Pendulum
56 Soda Lemondrop Sarah's Soul
57 Spiral Silverstar Crack in Time
58 Spiral Silverstar Mixed Bag
59 spirit Radikal Flow
60 spirit Radikal Silly Little Planet
61 Thoth Jantzen/Betty Tureaud YouCubed!
62 Wolk Writer de moeder (The Mother)

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