Tuesday, January 10, 2012

UWA Artists’ Choice Theme: Perfume!

This information is available as a notecard from the posters at the UWA gallery or from FreeWee Ling.


Express odors visually in a sort of synthetic synesthesia. The ozone smell of burning pixels. Interpret the smell of your lover's hair. The ocean spray on a tropical beach. The pollution spewing from the stacks of an oil refinery or an urban sewer. Meat on the grill. A delicate flower. The decay of rotting prims. .. One of those ideas that you can't really imagine how to visualize, but ferments in your brain for a while until some amazing concept smacks you from behind.

  • Deadline is January 30.
  • Max prims: 210 (300 PE for mesh)
  • Up to two entries
  • artFiona
  • DNA Art and Music Fusion
  • Eliza Wierwight/Patron
  • Mysterious Wave
  • NordanArt
  • Phi Designs
  • projectZ
  • UWA
Please thank these great people for their generous support of the arts!

There's no shortage of ideas. I've listed a bunch I think might be interesting and made it into a survey. Check it out and tell us what you think. Rate my ideas and offer your own!


This year it’s about you. A different theme will be announced each month, but the core theme is personal expression. We want you to use this as an opportunity to explore some aspect of your personality, not only as a creative artist, but also as a critical observer.



Entries for display in February are open NOW until January 30. Entries will be held until the first of the month and will then be displayed all at once. This assures that all entries have equal time and are all on display for close to a full month. Visitor will always see a complete show except when shows are being dismantled or rebuilt.

(NOTE: There will be a hiatus in the middle of 2012 (dates to be determined), during with the major one-time UWA 3D Open Art & Machinima Challenge will be running.)


IMPORTANT!! The role of the artist is changing in these UWA challenges. When you submit an entry, YOU AGREE TO SERVE ALSO AS A JUDGE for the prize awards. You're work will be judged by your colleagues and the challenge sponsors--people you know and whose work you know. People like you who know art in SL.

There will be at least three top artist awards, plus a non-scripted award and a people’s choice award in each round.

The entries will be judged by the participating artists themselves (YOU), rather than a rl panel. By entering a piece you agree to look at the other entries and vote for your favorites. Obvious limitations apply:
• You are voting for the entry, not the artist.
• You may not vote for your own work or that of your partner.
• We ask that you vote for at least 5 entries that are not your own.
• Any vote is a positive vote. Do not vote for entries you don’t like.

We have developed a separate web-based voting system for the participating artists to use. You will be given the URL when the show opens and you will have all month to look at the work of your colleagues and express your opinions. (Because this is not judged by a deliberative panel, the UWA curator is not disqualified to enter the competitions unless there is objection by the participants.)

The cash awards for this year’s challenges will be less than last year. Actual amounts are to be determined by contributions and sponsorships, and may vary month to month. We welcome sponsors interested in contributing to the prize pools. Our target for fund-raising is L$20,000 each round. The prize money distribution will be as follows, whatever the amount:
  • First Prize: 35%
  • Second Prize: 25%
  • Third Prize: 15%
  • Non-Scripted 15%
  • People's Choice 10%
To submit entries for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge, visit the UWA platform and drop your entry in the receiver.
• Select the entry in your inventory (left mouse button) and while holding the button, press CTRL and drag the entry from your inventory to the surface of the receiver object. The outline of the receiver should turn RED when it’s ready to release.
• When the cursor is over the receiver, release your left mouse button and the item will be transferred. A chat message will confirm.
• If you have difficulties doing this, you may give the object directly to FreeWee Ling.

Note that by submitting an entry, you are giving permission to the University of Western Australia to place the objects anywhere on UWA owned land, and to have information and images of the entries placed on websites or other publications promoting the activities of UWA. The UWA sims are public spaces. By allowing us to display your work, you permit the entry to be photographed or used in machinima by UWA or by any visitor, within the SL TOS.

You may make copy/modify/transfer permissions on your entry as restrictive as you want. We ask that you submit two copies of any no-copy items.

You should have full permissions to transfer your entry to FreeWee Ling or her alt on behalf of UWA. We strongly discourage the use of any parts that you cannot transfer (requiring you to install them at UWA yourself), but we will work with you if needed. We are not responsible for the loss of any no-copy or no-transfer objects.

• Entries: Maximum 2 entries per month per person.
• Prims: Maximum 210 prims per entry. Objects using mesh can be up to 300 prim-equivalents as long as the number of actual prims remains under 210. This is a hard limit. No exceptions.
• Size: There is no size limit other than sim space available.
• If you’re entry is large, it may have to be placed on a platform above the gallery. If that is the case, you may design a simple TP device to move people to and from the gallery floor, or one will be provided. The tp device does not count towards your prim limit as long as it is no more than 6 prims total for both up and down devices (i.e., 3 prims each).
• Scripts: Maximum script time of 0.5ms, and anything that runs at over 0.05ms is to have an on/off on touch with time out of 10 minutes max (if you are unsure of your piece's script load please contact one of the Challenge hosts to have it evaluated).
• Lighting/Sound: The size of your entry includes any internal lighting and sound radius. If the light or sound from your piece extends much beyond the limits of the prim object, it may be placed on a platform where it will not interfere with other entries, depending on space available. Please be careful when using these features. Sounds should not loop continuously when no one is around.
• Please do not use pre-loaders for sounds or textures.
• Media: You may request a media parcel for your entry. Please note that media parcels do not allow us to easily move entries, so the possibilities for positioning those entries may be limited. You will need to provide us with the media texture and URL.
• We reserve the right to reject an entry that would limit the availability of space or any other resources on the sim to the point that it would prevent others from being properly displayed, or would interfere with the normal operation of the other activities on the UWA sims.

We welcome sponsors to contribute to the prize pools. We will gladly publicize your events, let you put posters in the gallery, and will acknowledge your contributions at the awards ceremonies. We will not have group awards as we did in the past, where a sponsor gets to select a winner of a sponsored prize, UNLESS you make at least an equal contribution to the general prize pool as well.

Curator for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge is FreeWee Ling
Host for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge is UWA & Jayjay Zifanwe

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