Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New UWA Vice-Chancellor in Second Life

Professor Paul Johnson: New Vice-Chancellor of the University of Western Australia
The 1st of January 2012 marked the momentous change of Vice-Chancellor in real life for the University of Western Australia from Professor Alan Robson to Professor Paul Johnson.

Professor Robson was instrumental to the creation of the UWA Second Life presence, and without him, it would simply not exist. Click here to see a CNN report interviewing Professor Robson on the UWA SL presence.

As in real life, so follows SL, and the above image displays the avatar of UWA's new VC, Professor Paul Johnson in Second Life. Many people need to be thanked for their efforts in assisting in the creation of the avatar of our new Vice-Chancellor. They include Starla Farrella, Briarmelle Quintessa, Eolene Uralia, quadrapop Lane and Kit Guardian.

When asked by one of the visitors the first time Professor Johnson saw his new avatar what he thought of it, he responded that it was 'pretty close to the real thing' and gave his stamp of approval to his SL look!

Said Jay Jay Jegathesan, leader of the UWA SL presence, who coordinated the effort, "I probably know more than most people now about the types of ties and clothes our Vice-Chancellor favours'.


  1. I am so thrilled that everyone is happy with this avatar! ~doing intense happy dance in RL at the moment....~Starla Farella

  2. ...Sadly, due to the limitations of the Second Life tools I had available to me, I wasn't able to capture his charming facial expressions, his intelligence, his enthusiasm, sincerity, likability,and warmth. He avatar was still a joy to make. ~ Starla Farella.