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Victoria Lenoirre's Review on the LEA Full Sim Series March 2012: Labyrinth of Absurdity by Kicca Igaly and Nessuno Myoo

Hello all you Art supporters and Artists here at UWA in SL! I hope you've all been well and pleased with the art at LEA this month. This month's installation at the LEA Full Sim is a creation by Kicca Igaly and Nessuno Myoo entitled "Labyrinth of Absurdity".  It opened on March 8th at 2pm SLT. I was late and couldn't make it at that time (dinner time for us EST people), but I was happy to have gotten the chance to meet the artists when I landed at the teleport pad around 4pm SLT. They were quite friendly and were talking with visitors and friends while  I was there. Here is the LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA6/136/107/21

Right at the teleport pad, if you look up and behind you, you should see a sign with a picture of  the entire installation, a photo of an industrial plant with 8 sections. Each section is a little exhibit. Each exhibit is absurd. All are unrelated, however.

I wanted to see if I could simply walk through this whole body of work. So I climbed the first set of seeminly endless spiral stairs. However when I got to the top of the stairs, I was faced by a hoop and I could not go through it or sit in it. I wondered if I could walk around it, however I ended up falling down to the teleport pad and about 1m in front of Nessuno so I was face to face with Nessuno. Ha, I was a bit shamefaced and I said to him, "Sorry, I couldn't go further, so I had to fall." He slowly took a step or two back and said "Np." He was pretty nice about it and Kicca told me that flying is the easiest way to navigate around the installation. And so I flew up and back to the point where I had fallen.

The first exhibit I saw was "Untitled" by Kicca. It depicts a girl sitting on a swing and an anvil is positioned above her head. Click on the yellow cylinder on the left of the exhibit for a notecard. The notecard contains English and Italian. I will just include the English. Kicca wrote to describe the exhibit "As Magritte said: no title, because there is no explanation for one paradox." This reminds me of the saying of having something "hanging over one's head"....as in something that irks a person and follows them like a black cloud of doom. Or perhaps it is more like how someone will do something that can lead to a bad result, but they do it anyway. Humans are not always rational. The paradox, in my opinion, is  that we will do dangerous or unhealthy things despite knowing that if we do them, the consequences could be fatal or disastrous.

"Colored rain" is the second exhibit I spotted. You see a bunch of colored tops in green, yellow, blue, orange, and red. in all sizes. Some are on the floor, but others seem to be floating in the air, just a tangle of tops. The notecard says,"An colored rain on the frenetic life of young men. Where are the children that we were? ".  I think this one is about how in this day and age we are  surrounded by all kinds of toys, whether traditional toys like dolls and figurines or modern toys like a digital camera or camcorder, but yet we are just bored with our toys. We set them aside and instead run around all stressed out and frantic and confused, just lost in ourselves...unable to appreciate toys or the wonders around us. This is a great time to live, so many toys and inventions to use and play with, so why do we take them for granted?

"A strange coincidence" is the third exhibit I saw. You see a man in the bathroom, tipped over as he sits in a chair with a noose around his neck, and a baby above him, on the other side...a man sitting on the toilet with a muzzle of a rifle stuck up his mouth. "The ambiguous nature of a trip of an bullet, fatal for some, providential for others... " This was one of the stranger exhibits, in my opinion. This one really made me stop and think. Did the baby annoy the father so much that he feels the need to end his life?

"The Dissolve's Snow" " by Nessuno Myoo. "The impatience of a meet, with the desire that dissolve even the snow that falls from the sky. Synthetic and biodegradable daisies for our love?" This exhibit is of a man on a ladder with a hair dryer, a marrionette man? Nessuno's words about this one make me think of a man trying to "reach for the sky"....trying to attain his heart's desire. The absurd thing could be that he is not free to reach for what he wants, he is constrained by something unseen...maybe something we will never know or something that is unknown to even him.

The Disssolve's Snow by Nessuno Myoo

"Cocktail of grubs" is a scene of a frog in a suit in a diner being served by  a waiter, and pictures of nature behind the booth where he's seated by Kicca Igaly, "In a parallel world, everything is possible. 
In our world is absurd ... perhaps in another universe ..." Why would a frog be in an enclosed man-made space when he could be swimming in an open, naturally-created pond?

"Try you, now" is a scene with a fish outside of a fishbowl staring at a man in a fish bowl, but both are skeletal in a cave. "Maybe it will take time, but at the end we are led to try everything that we could not understand." I was perplexed by this one. So I asked Kicca and Nessuno about it. Their explanation will follow my exploration descriptions.

Try you, now! by Kicca Igaly

"Mouseman" - "uomo mouse", is an exhibit authored by Kicca. You will see a mouse man looking at a laptop screen on the floor of his living room. "The absurd is born often from reversal of the parties, among the actors of every day reality. This is the creative process  that made me imagine this scene." Perhaps you have heard of role reversal or when "the tables are turned." This is one of the most dramatic scenarios ever, I believe. It is mind-boggling when events happen unexpectedly. The symbolism here could also be that the person in front of the computer has transformed into a mouse...not physically but abstractly or figuratively speaking. He/she peers at the screen, like a mouse will peer at food hungrily. Every day, we consume information as we watch, even if it is only a few minutes. There are other ways too, like we may creep around the Internet, not wanting our friends to know that we enjoy being in a virtual world, much like a mouse will sneak away bits of food from a storage facility or some other place like that. Or even, how we hoard bookmarks in our Internet browsers like a mouse hoards food and other items for its comfort. The list goes on. So in a way, many of use are like this "mouseman." :-)

"Until to Touch the Clouds" by Nessuno Myoo is "A tribute to the poetry of an immensely artist as Philippe Petit." From wikpedia: Petit is is "a French high-wire artist who gained fame for his high-wire walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, New York, on 7 August 1974.[1] For his feat (that he referred to as "le coup"[2]), he used a 450-pound (200-kilogram) cable and a custom-made 26-foot (8-metre) long, 55-pound (25-kilogram) balancing pole". Because of this, he brought more attention to the Twin Towers. He made people appreciate them more. You should read more about his accomplishments at wikipedia and other sources. It is quite fascinating and inspiring.

And now onto the questions about Labyrinth of Absurdity:

What do you think absurdity is about?

Kicca: It 's an intriguing stimulus for creativity, just this theme helped me a lot to produce new works and scenarios for this installation for the LEA.

The absurdity is' one of the most interesting, and intriguing, in the daily life of everyone,
all sooner or later we came across an episode so bizarre
and devoid of logic such as to be ... the sense of the absurd in some way unites the people, resets the differences,
puts everyone on an equal footing, one of astonishment that strikes something deep and not understood never quite ...

Why make a sim about absurdity?

Kicca & NESS: Why we think it was a good solution to allow to we both to express ourselves in absolute freedom,
without any constraint, ideological, logical, expressive ...

Which is your favorite exhibit of the 8?

Kicca: I can not say, of which of the eight works, absolute that I prefer more...  I can indicate,  in my four that the I prefer is " Try you now ".
Has been challenging and fun see it grow, develop,  piece by piece, a prims after the other ....

Among the my sculptures that have show my favorite is  'Strange Coincidence' ...
I think it is an excellent example of structural complexity and narrative to which I tend lately.
Contained in terms of space but very rich in details, with references ...
A bullet in his journey to the same extent takes away the life and saves from death,
with the promise of an inner rebirth ...

Try you now, is an unusual one. Why use a fish and a man? Why are only their skeleton's showing?

Kicca: A fish and a man, just because in the game  of shares is always a man that observing a fish  in an aquarium.
Subverting this scheme,  we face a fish that looks a man and seems to say
to him:  " Try you now! ".
We're seeing only their skeletons, because in an absurd future and hypothetical, you could see what remains,  that the skeletons.

"The Dissolves Snow" is a puzzling exhibit. What is happening in that one?

Is a poetic and absurd image of a lover with the help of his resources trying to melt snow
before falling to the ground, in order to be able to reach your love in a hypothetical emotional journey ...
Absurd the wobbly ladder is not leaning against anything, as the hair-dryer that has the plug just lying on the ground ...

"Mouse man" is a funny one. So the mouse is watching man on the screen?

Kicca: Even here, jast as Try you now, the parties are reversed  and the mouse controls the computer, with a device with umana shaped.

In "Cocktail of Grubs", a frog is waited on by a man. Could animals ever become sophisticated enough to rule over men, you think?

Kicca: I do not think that animals can never rule above the man, but even here to play on the inversion of the parties to provoke who see it. The whole plant work  is contrary to reason, at the logic ... but for this coming from stereotypes, capture the attention and forces you to think at the party game.

Ciao nessuno. i was wondering, why is "Until to touch the clouds" absurd?
talk soon. grazie. bacio. :)

Nessuno: Hi Victoria :O) yesss sure this is an good question :°) me too ask this to me when i have insert "Until To Touch The Clouds" inside the installation dedicated to the absurd theme... In the beginning the work dedicated to Petit had be a little different, the man on wire playng as an juggler with all objects of the everyday life on work, money, love, family...etc etc... but when i make it in this mode that you can see i have decided that is finished and this is him mode of to be absurd... then why not insert it? :°))
Un bacio, ness... :°)

Nessuno Myoo & Kicca Igaly on opening night of  their LEA Full Sim collaboration

E voilĂ ... my look at Labyrinth of Absurdity.

I really enjoyed flying around and examining each exhibit. Thank you so much to Ness and Kicca for an excellent body of work this month! The details and textures really enhanced the meaning in each work. Wonderful choice for the windlight! I am also so thankful that they answered my questions so well, I loved reading their answers. They have been very kind. Grazie mille!

Also, on opening night I saw nexuno Thespian there. I have been interviewing him for BOSL magazine for several days. He won first place in the UWA 3d Art Challenge in September 2011 for his installation, "Autumn." He also submitted "Come Into My Mind". He currently has 2 installations at LEA, INSECTIA and ARACNIA. To get to INSECTIA: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA13/78/31/1144. Check them out when you have time! Molto bene! I had a lot of fun talking to him and following him around. Hehehe. BOSL's March issue is about SL art and will feature other excellent artists, so definitely check it out! I will post the link to it as soon as I get the link, so stay tuned!

Have fun and enjoy the art!
 Divertirsi  e godetevi l'arte!


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