Tuesday, April 24, 2012

UWA Challenges in RL Machinima Book: Jay Jay Writes


An RL copy of the book 'Machinima: The Art & Practice of Virtual Filmmaking' by Sonicity Fitzroy (Dr Phylis Johnson) and Lowe Runo (Donald Petit) was flown in to UWA from the United States this week.

Brilliantly put together, this book, by McFarland Publishing features a veritable who's who in the world of machinima. Sonicity described the contributors in her recent blog post as follows:

"A special section of interviews featured Al Peretz, “Decorgal” Judy Lee, Iono Allen, Kate Fosk, Michael Gray, Rysan Fall and Wiz Nordberg. End of chapter comments were provided by Chantal Harvey, Pooky Amsterdam, Larkworthy Antfarm, 1angelzares Writer, Toxic Menges, Jonathan Pluskota, and Jay Jay Jegathesan. Two invited chapters were presented by copyright expert Todd Herreman and Dr. Bryan Carter, owner of Virtual Harlem in Second Life. Phaylen Fairchild gave some closing thoughts. Skylar Smythe’s The White Pigeon was featured as a storyboard example."

UWA's Jay Jay Jegathesan was invited to contribute on how machinima cemented partnerships and collaboration. A small section below. Click on the McFarland link above to get a copy of the book itself:


  1. wow...how nice for both you and UWA JayJay! congrats :)

  2. No mention of my favorite Machinima Artist, NicoleX Moonwall? She only has over 1000 videos on you tube.... all quality work. What is so GREAT about her work is it is a representation of all the art sims in SL that are built and torn down regularly. We need to thank these Machinima artsts who make record of these monumental builds for us in Second Life.

  3. This is one of three critical, academic book-length PRINT publications that have come out on machinima since 2011. The Journal of Visual Studies devoted an issue in early 2011 to machinima alone; The Machinima Reader by Henry Lowood and Michael Nitsche came out last spring (an anthology of essays by filmmakers, film critics, game critics, gamers and machinimatographers such as Friedrich Kirschner and Lev Manitov), and one that I'm contributing to under my "official" name is due out this summer or fall edited by Jenna Ng. THIS book, however, gives privilege to SL machinima. YEAH! I'm sure they can't get all the machinimatograhers in there, Riv. But I agree that NicoleX makes fabulous films--abstract, creative, and different.

  4. Mrs Brandi, one of the founding team of the UWA presence said the following of the book (and this will be true of all the books Sally mentions):

    "This is really great, because I believe that as technology improves, machinima will become more and more important. And this will be one of the first books on the subject."