Tuesday, April 24, 2012

UWA Support for Operation Smile Benefit Performance


On Sunday the 22nd of April, an Operation Smile Benefit Performance was held at the UWA-BOSL Grand Amphitheatre featuring the ChangHigh Sisters Fireshow with UWA & Aview TV providing support. L$15,699 was raised for Operation Smile, and a wonderful machinima of the performance was filmed by Mary Wickentower.The Fireshow featured the talents of Yman Juran, Melvin Starbrook and Jennylynn Capalini.
On the day, Yman Juran shared the following with the audience:
This is an Operation SMILE fundraising show to help and support the Operation SMILE's vision of a world without  clefts lips and palates. So let us be generous those of us who share a life without pain and facial deformities, lets help those, those life for unforeseen reason and circumstances has made smiling to you  so hard to do.
We are gathered here tonight in order to help children in their need of a fair life..... so they can enjoy life as  we all have and live it without pain and suffering.So let us give Hope and Support to those touched by facial deformities so that they know they never  will be forgotten, that those who face such  decease will be helped to live a life,, just as good as you do. .....
We who participate in this event today let us stand by the side of those  which life circumstances has made there life hard to bear and impossible to SMILE to. So we, The ChangHigh Sisters, like to encourage each of You to give from your heart, mind, soul, spirit and  personality...so give life,  by  financial support  ..to those in need. Because Life is the ultimate gift of Love. and a Smile is truly a universal Right.
A good life is not the smile of heaven, neither is affliction the frown of God. - We ask all of you here today to give from your heart, spirit and soul to those in need. Giving life is the ultimate gift of love and a smile is truly a universal right. For this and other reasons are we all gathered here on this day and night to share, support and  help those afflicted by facial deformities. So please give generously. Lets help our fellow brethren.
In communication with Jay Jay Jegathesan of UWA, Yman added:
Thank You for  everything UWA & Lap[iscean Liberty.. All worked fine and the contact people with whom I spoke and communicated all function to my full satisfaction. ..those who came  was inspired to the best show  ever done in SL...

So I am contented as of how it all went and hope you and UWA and LL and whoever is involved in virtual art promotion feel  that we and especially me lived up to whatever rules, demands or regulation required .
The ChangHigh Sisters : Melvin Starbrook, JennyLynn Capalini, and me Yman Juran and our musician Cypress Rosewood are contented, please with everything and  we hope we are welcome back another day  for another cause.
With Light, Life and Love  Yman Juran
It is people like Yman Juran and the ChangHigh Sisters (and Lapiscean Liberty) who make Second Life transcend the ordinary!

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