Sunday, October 21, 2012


The UWA Artists' Choice 3D Art Challenge theme for October is "FIRE." With 26 pieces by 20 artists, the full-sim exhibition is one of the most engaging in the series so far. FIRE is the third of a sub-set of four "elemental" themes, including the previous "Air" and "Water" and upcoming "Earth" shows.

As with previous themed shows, FIRE has been installed in a specially created full sim space, with volcanoes, custom Windlight, and a first-time ever hunt for prizes called "Quest for Fire." There are 10 hunt objects hidden throughout the space with fun fire-related prizes. Come vote for your favorites.

We are also accepting entries for the November EARTH show. Deadline is Friday 9 November (which is approaching fast). Complete details for the Earth show are on this website.

An unedited slideshow of all the entries in the FIRE exhibition is available here.

Here's a complete list of the entries:
  • Aquaglo and MellyDee Macfanatic - Fiery Flames of Passion
  • Barry Richez - Douce Colombe
  • Chic Aeon - Global Warming
  • Corcosman Voom - Firebirds
  • Corcosman Voom - Prometheus Brings Fire
  • Dividni Shostakovich - Fire Is a Verb
  • Dragon Lord - Man on fire an eternal flame
  • Dragon Lord - Sanctuary of the heart; A soul on fire v
  • Finn Lanzius - A Match Made In Heaven
  • FreeWee Ling - Fractal Fireworks
  • FreeWee Ling - Afterglow
  • Friday Siamendes - Pearl of Wisdom
  • Herbie Haven - Rust Man - Clean Coal Sculpture
  • Hypatia Pickens - Fire Elemental--Salamander
  • Krystali Rabeni - BOOM!
  • Krystali Rabeni - Tragedy
  • Nexuno Thespian - Fireflower
  • Nexuno Thespian - Leaves Don't Fall Down Again
  • Secret Rage - Down to my Last 6 tears (words left unspoken)
  • Secret Rage - When Lightning Strikes
  • Silene Christen - Friendly Fire
  • Silene Christen - The Phoenix Rising From Its Ashes
  • Sir Real - The Enigma of Oppenheimer
  • Talia Sunsong - Ignite Passion
  • Talia Sunsong - Woman on Fire with Water Woman
  • Teal Freenote - Growing Pains

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