Saturday, October 27, 2012

Victoria's Look at Solkide Auer's Fontana and LEA6, October LEA Full Sim Series

Hi all!

This month, the month of October, features Solkide Auer's Fontana at LEA6 

It's a two-story build and the first I've seen that is gated. Surprising, right? Well, from the beginning, I noticed the tall gate or wall surrounding LEA6. I even had to teleport to LEA5 to peer in to see what was going on at LEA6. So I was really curious about what this build was all about.

On opening night, I came and met Solkide Auer and some of his friends and guests. It was a quiet, nice gathering of friends and fans.

Solkide Auer welcoming his friends and guests.

One guest noted that Fontana was the first fractal 3d build in SL. And what a fractal build it is!

The teleport point is inside this spectacular build, in the center. Right in front of Solkide was a fascinating-looking teleporter you could click to sit on. It takes you to one upper level.

The teleporter in front of Solkide.

The upper level is narrow and small. The walls are made up of triangles. I'm standing in front of what looks like a prism. I love how it glows and you can see the colors and the shine effect is so realistic.

Upper level of Fontana, yours truly

As I usually do, I asked the artist some questions about stunningly awesome Fontana.

What does Fontana mean in Italian?

SA: Fontana in italian means Fountain, looking from afar it might seem like a fountain in a static moment. a kind of a picture of a fountain.

One of your guests/friends called Fontana the first 3d fractal art in SL, what are your thoughts on that?

SA: I don't think that it seems like a fractal, but as it is art, it is not just what a person creates but also what  a person sees in a work, so I accept this definition.

I agree, spoken like a true artist.

Do you typically create fractals?

SA: No i don't like to create fractals but i love to see them.

Do you have any work at other sims or galleries?

SA: Not in this moment. In the future I  will re-open a gallery.


I am pleased to present my brief review of Solkide Auer's fabulous Fontana at LEA6. If you haven't seen it yet, please do teleport over. You might be in awe for a few moments when you cam out.

Have fun and enjoy the art!

-Victoria Lenoirre

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