Saturday, November 17, 2012

Down to Earth

The UWA Artists' Choice Challenge for this month is on the theme: "EARTH". This is the last of the elemental themes the began with AIR, followed by WATER and FIRE.
Runs through Dec. 9.  SLURL

Mother Earth, nurtures and sustains us all, a small orb among many orbiting an insignificant star. She is the origin of life and is destined to receive life back again as dust. A delicate balance. Tectonic plates shifting. Species, including us, evolving and facing extinction. (A metaphor for every individual life?) The planet is so strong and so delicate. It's astounding that life is resilient enough to survive here. And yet here we are. Our artists were asked to show us what Earth means to them.

We received 27 entries from 26 artists (including one collaborative work and three artists with dual entries). People's Choice voting is now active for you to go explore and rate your favorites. The entries include:
  • Aquaglo, MellyDee Macfanatic, Dinny Voom    Earth, without her?... We would NOT exist! 
  • Barbara Wardell    Protect Our Planet Earth
  • Brune BB Crash Queen    Madre Tierra
  • Carmsie Melodie    Cherish and Renew
  • Corcosman Voom    Harvest Dance
  • Dragon Lord    Pachamama
  • Dragon Lord    Please Recycle
  • Finn Lanzius    The Formation of the Earth
  • FreeWee Ling    Persistent Effects
  • FreeWee Ling    It's the End of the World As We Know It
  • GeeJAnn Blackadder    Microcosm
  • Haveit Neox    Road Kill
  • Herbie Haven    Earth (The Big Squeeze)
  • Jeneve Felwitch    Earth Priestess
  • Johnas Merlin    The desert in bloom
  • Kandinsky Beaumont    EAT DIRT OR BE DIRT
  • Krystali Rabeni    What a Wonderful World
  • Lilia Artis    Earthen Patterns
  • Lucignolo (coddax)    Universe Tao Ming
  • Misprint Thursday    Earth Signal
  • Nexuno Thespian    Earth Passion
  • Secret Rage    Earth Child
  • Secret Rage    Earth to Earth
  • Silene Christen    Conceptual Earth
  • Sir Real (vgtar.carlberg)    Goodbye Galileo, We are Redesigning the Earth to be Flat!
  • Talia Sunsong    Abundant Earth Gaia Statue
  • Talia Sunsong    I Will Shelter You

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