Friday, November 23, 2012

V. Lenoirre's Review of Project Guernia at LEA6

On November 13th at 2pm SLT, Project Guernica, a full sim build by Lizzie Gudkov and London Junkers, opened.

 Project Guernica is dedicated to Pablo Picasso's famous painting, Guernica. The painting portrayed the bombing of the Basque town, Guernica, during the Spanish Civil War. He created this huge mural in 1937 at the request of the Spanish Republican government.

The landing point to this full sim gallery is on a circular platform, surrounded by a railing. Lizzie and London stayed for a few hours to welcome friends and guests to their opening.

The platform location and its design is really quite clever. You feel like you're in the middle--at the very core of the art installation. And above and in front of you is the great mural....Guernica. It is like a grand presentation for your senses. You're in the midst of a great piece of art, kind of like being in the midst of war. It's awesome in its effect on your mind and your eyes. The images, the news, the people, the is so real, yet at times you find it so surreal.

Landing platform at Project Guernica Nov. 13th, 2012

Closeup of Project Guernica, the red circle is SaveMe Oh. :-)

You can click either of the signs in the first picture for a Project Guernica gift and for a notecard describing the Project.

The rendering of this scene is great. Lizzie and London constructed it with prims. The 3-dimensional aspect is absolutely wonderful. One guest was thrilled at being able to sit on a section of this enormous build.

I even got a close up of the center of this image, the fallen horse and the fallen knight.

Center of Project Guernica

The timing for this work is relevant. The world is involved in the Iraq War and War in Afghanistan. There's just so much bloodshed and suffering. This mural has light that symbolizes hope. So my first question to Lizzie and London is: Where do you see hope in the wars we're facing right now?

*Where do you see hope in the wars we're facing right now?

London: Hope is a quality that we have. As the human kind progresses, culture changes and more of us understand that war is a futile effort. We shall never give up hope that peace will prevail some day.

Lizzie: Art is often an expression of reality, feelings and it may even anticipate solutions. Hopefully, art will have its share of contribution in finding a resolution for wars in the world.

*Is this your favorite work by Picasso?

Lizzie: Picasso is such an amazing artist, that it is difficult to choose one single piece!

London: I agree with Lizzie! It is definitely one of his best pieces but too difficult to compare to other epochs and styles of his work.

*What fascinates you about it?

London: Its dimension and what it represents.

Lizzie: I think that it is an impressive piece. It's incredibly rich and it allows for a diverse interpretation, in many ways reflecting our individual experiences and backgrounds.

*What was the hardest part about building this masterpiece in 3d for LEA6?

Lizzie: *points to London* :)

London: Building this piece was a joy and a challenge. In terms of the pieces the original painting has, the translation to a 3D environment of the horse was the biggest challenge.

*Where else do you have art showing in SL?

London: We had artwork in the UWA where we have participated in several of their contests. Plus we have also taken part recently in The Art of Protest exhibit.

Lizzie: We would like to thank LEA for giving us this chance and we are happy that the  Second Life community is enjoying it. The comments have been very positive. Thank you, Victoria, for this opportunity to share a few thoughts about "Project Guernica"!


To Lizzie and London, you are most welcome. I enjoy seeing your art and I love being able to ask you and other artists about your work. Building can take awhile and it is always wonderful to see the result. A lot of time and love really goes into it. Your time and effort is very much appreciated!

If you haven't seen it yet, you should visit LEA6 to see Project Guernica! It is up for your pleasure until the end of this month!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American fellows in SL!

Have fun and enjoy the art!

-Victoria Lenoirre


  1. Thanks Victoria, great post. :-))

    Project Guernica
    Years ago i got lost in Paris and came across Picasso's Art gallery i wandered around the gallery, it was like a religious experience for me i came out covered in goose bumps
    I Love Art