Friday, January 17, 2014

Freedom Project Submission: We Can Learn & Grow & Heal Together

A wonderful collaboration has become the second machinima submission to the Freedom Project. Project Lead, Barbie Alchemi acting for Fran Seranade has worked with brilliant machinima creator Draxtor Despres to create a masterpiece they call "We Can Learn & Grow & Heal Together", which is also one of the renowned Drax File series. 

In The Words of Fran Seranade

10 years ago my beloved husband died with Parkinson's. One year later my doctor told me I had the same disease. I was determined that while I might have Parkinson's, it would not have me! I wrote an entire page of things that Parkinson's would not stop me from doing and signed it "the unsinkable Fran".

When I was 82, my son introduced my daughter and me to Second Life. I was thrilled to see myself running and dancing again. I began to experience physical improvements in strength and balance as well as increased joy for life. What Parkinson's had taken away, SL had given back to me. I am now 87 years young!

As a result of this improvement, our family has started Creations for Parkinson's in SL. Since we started, our Team has raised $3,500,000 Linden  ($14,000 US) in donations for Team Fox of the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

We have built the Creations Park sim to create a beautiful and fun space for the public to enjoy. I started the Parkinson's Support Group and soon a Care Givers Support Group.

Dr. Donna Davis (Tredi Felisimo) and Tom Bokowski (Tom Boestorff) author of "Coming of Age in Second Life" are studying the possible benefits of SL for people with Parkinson's.

Michael J Fox says ""It is not our Challenges that define us, our actions do"

Through all my challenges, it is my spiritual faith, the love of my family and the "Freedom" I have found in Second Life that has helped me to maintain meaning and joy in life.

Fran Seranade


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