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LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES (JAN): Gem Preiz's 'A Cathedral Dreamer'

The Jan 2014 round of the LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES sees Gem Preiz bringing us 'A Cathedral Dreamer'.  A full list of the Series 3 offerings for the LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES can be found on the blog: LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES (click here for full year schedule).

GRAND OPENING: Monday, 6th Jan @ 2 pm SLT


"A Cathedral Dreamer" in the words of  Gem Preiz :



Above all, this project is an opportunity to exhibit my most recent fractal creations.  I hope you will like them and that they will lead you to the imaginary  universes which they enable me to visualize.  I have staged them in environments which aim to give them meaning and to evoke thoughts and concerns which are important to me.  However, I am not a good builder, so I hope you will forgive me for my clumsiness. 

I would like to thank the LEA committee for having granted me this Sim, as well as my friends who have encouraged me throughout this work and, in particular, my friend Keltyana for the help she gave me by decorating the East Wing.  A very special thanks to ArtBlue for the continuation which he intends to give this creation. 

The fractal works exhibited on the Sim will be visible in my new gallery in Timamoon Arts as per the opening date


The Sim consists of four exhibition halls served by a central square where visitors arrive.  I recommend that you respect the order of visit as set out below.

The central and empty square is a kind of crossroads symbolizing the choices which each of us inevitably has to make about the various attitudes towards Life, the world and other people, and the halls represent my own experience of it.

The East path is invaded step by step by vegetation and leads to Hall 1. The water reigns in it as Life, evoked by a submarine world which auto-generates and in which Mankind is almost absent.  It is the domain of the present and permanency at the same time.  It is also the evocation of the contemplative attitude of Man before Nature. 

The West path, sprinkled with garbage, leads to Hall 2, which looks like an old, abandoned hangar, populated with jailed creatures.  Fractals evoke the frantic human activity through constructions - the immense scale of which is sometimes beyond belief - but which are all doomed to decay, destruction or of being forgotten.  Evocation of the human society which takes, in its whirlwind, the individuals who are the actors and the slaves. 

Between the former two lies the path to the North - to the Dream, ambitions, projects, future: the Dream which brings hope and enthusiasm but also hides the risk of disappointment.  Twenty-four sculptures with a look of resignation line the path on both sides and warn the creator, discourage him and make him doubt, without stopping his journey towards Hall 3.  

There, a fresco representing a fractal cathedral displays its gigantic structure under the eyes of twelve characters who discover the various aspects thereof.  Twelve reactions in front of the crazy project of a creator who will never see his dream materialize. 

Finally, the path to the South, the reality of which fades step by step, as it leads to Hall 4, a hall which I wanted to be made of lights and pure lines - beyond Time, beyond the world and beyond human activity.  A universe of pure concepts which evokes the domain and the activity of the spirit, and which everyone will fill with one's own faith. 

Youtube version with music

There is no music on the Sim but the installation can be found in 4 parts on YouTube, in small musical slides :

Hall 1 :
Hall 2 :
Hall 3 :
Hall 4 :
(insist twice if it pretends the video to be unavailable)

The Settings used in the movies are respectively : 

Hall 1 : Places Las Lagunas
Hall 2 : Places Pathfinder 
Hall 3 : Raymond's Brighter day
Hall 4 : Midnight

But you may choose any settings you prefer for the visit of the installation

Enjoy ...

Gem Preiz: Short Bio
French fractal artist exhibiting on SL since september 2012. 
Facebook :

Main exhibitions on SL :
- Gem's own gallery (sep. 2012) : Universe
- Hotel Chelsea (oct. 2012) : Waste
- Guild of Lys Noir (oct. 2012) : Science and Future
- Aneli's gallery (nov. 2012) : Heaven and Hell
- ArtEdLand (nov. 2012) : Planet Artwork (digital creations)
- Art Garden (jan. 2013) : A journey through color
- Guild of Lys Noir (jan. 2013) : Temples
- Timamoon arts (fev. 2013) : Imaginary worlds, followed by Time Whitnesses
Angelwood Bay art center (fev. 2013) : Chromatic retrospective
- Somnium gallery (mar. 2013) : Order and Disorder
- Gem's own gallery (apr. 2013) : Journey to a fractal space
- Two shores art gallery (may. 2013) : Myths
- LEA (oct. 2013) : contribution to the Gaia Theory Project
- Timamoon arts (oct. 2013) : a simple trip into complexity
- The Mavin Tinker Gallery (nov. 2013) : Fractal paintings
- Angelwood Bay art center (nov 2013) : Cities of dreams


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