Saturday, September 13, 2014

Machinima - 2014 Project SciFi Competition (Registrations Essential by 3 Oct)

2014 Project SciFi Competition in partnership with Screen My Shorts and sponsored by the Parramatta City Council is giving filmmakers, Machinima makers and animators 30 days to write, shoot, edit, produce and upload a 3-10min short film with $5,500 (Australian Dollars) in cash prizes. 
All films that enter into this years Project SciFi will be screened at Riverside Theatres.
Teams must register by 3rd October 2014 and nominate 2 scifi subjects that they would like to make their film about. For registrations visit ...

* Note: Machinima makers who wish to enter the same film to both this challenge as well as UWA's Transcending Borders Machinima Challenge are able to so long as both themes are met in the same film
2014 Subjects Machinima makers subjects...
1. Sci-Romance – Love between Aliens, Robots and more! (Can be Happy, Sad or Tragedy) 
2. Sci-Comedy – Science fiction that is humorous in nature. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a good example of SciFi Comedy. 
3. Save the Environment – A theme focuses on saving the dying planet and/or ecosystem 
4. Zombie / Disease – A theme focuses on the effect of a disease in the future. 
5. Apocalyptic / Post-Apocalyptic SciFi – Stories about the extinction or near extinction of humankind either by forces of nature or by our own means. Post- focuses on telling the tale of the survivors of an apocalypse. 
6. Spy-Fy – Science fiction about futuristic spies and espionage, and the effects of technological advancement on their professions. 
7. Super Hero – Stories related to super heroes who get their powers from technology or because they are from another world. Often focuses on futuristic superheroes. 
8. Robots / AI – Fiction in which the science of Artificial Intelligence and robotics is a central theme, typically relating to Robot stories. 
9. First Contact / Alien – This sub genre imagines the various scenarios in which humanity makes contact with other civilizations. 
10. Social Science Fiction - Fiction in which future societies are extrapolated, explained and often criticised, usually for the purpose of social satire. The social sciences are the overriding theme in this type of fiction; however, science and technology will usually play a central role in the structure of the extrapolated society.
Filmmakers are responsible for putting together a team, cast and crew (producers, directors, cinematographers, writers, etc..), as well as securing equipment, locations, and costumes. Each team needs to be represented by a Producer. With no limit on age or budget, all filmmakers are welcomed.
Prior to Kick Off of the competition, the organisers will email each team, One (1) of their nominated subjects/topics to make their film about.
Competition begins, Friday, 3rd October 2014 at 7 pm (19:00) local time in each participating city and town

Ends, on the Sunday, 2nd November 2014 at 12 midnight (24:00) of that weekend local time.

Awards Ceremony – 16th November 2014 at RiversIde Theatres, Parramatta.
For further information about Project SciFi Competition visit
Awards & Prizes 

The jurors will choose the best International and Australian SciFi film from which one will be awarded to the 2014 Project SciFi Best Film Project 

SciFi Best Film $2000 Australian Dollars 

Project SciFi Runner Up Film $1000 Australian Dollars 

Categories below open to all filmmakers 

Project SciFi Best Performance $500 Australian Dollars  
Project SciFi Best Cinematographers $500 Australian Dollars 
Project SciFi Best Special Effects $500 Australian Dollars 
Project SciFi Best: Production Design/Art Direction $500 Australian Dollars 
Project SciFi Best Machinima Film $300 

Runner up Machinima Category $200


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