Friday, September 5, 2014


The long anticipated exhibition catalogue for the Freedom Project has finally been printed and is ready to ship! The book is part of the UWA Studies in Virtual Arts e-journal, and the electronic version can be seen online now. As part of this publication series, it will be archived at the UWA library as well as the National Library of Australia (ISSN 2200-7865 (Print), ISSN 2200-7873 (Online)).

Each artist or group participating in the project can receive one copy of the printed book for free. Artists wishing to claim a free copy should contact JayJay Zifanwe with a shipping address for the book.

Others wishing a print copy can purchase one for L$5000 each, shipped anywhere in the world. Contact JayJay Zifanwe for ordering.

The Freedom Project has been a profoundly moving and inspirational exhibition. It has gotten tremendous recognition in real life and promises to get a final boost with the publication of the journal. The works can still be viewed in the UWA gallery for the next couple of weeks, but will then be removed to make room for the Transcending Borders show already in progress. I strongly encourage everyone to see the show at UWA before it's gone. Pictures in a book are a great memento, but they can't compare to the "real" thing.

Without Whom...

UWA thanks Gentle Heron and members of the executive team of Virtual Ability, Inc., as well as Dianne Elton and the Centre for ME/CFS and Other Invisible Illnesses in Second Life for their guidance, support and advice. As fully participating members of the organizing committee, they have been integral to the entire project from planning through execution and beyond.

Also many thanks to our co-sponsors: Eliza Wierwight (who also created the poster for this event), David Doyle and Simone Flavelle of DADAA’s stARTSPEAK Project, Tom Papas and Screen My Shorts Inc. (Sydney), West Australian artist Len Zuks, Beverley Hill of UWA’s Equity & Diversity Office, Craig MacKenzie and Deborah Bolton of UniPrint, and TheDove Rhode of Peace is A Choice
Gallery. We thank Taralyn Gravois and Petlove Petshop, who assisted with the filming and creation of video in support of the event as well as other valuable assistance. We thank AviewTV and LaPiscean Liberty, who provided live streaming assistance for events and hosting of machinima submissions. We thank Eleanor Medier and The Sim Street Journal as well as Kit Guardian and Guardian 11:11 for their multifaceted commitment towards the event. Thanks to iMoogi TV ( and Nu Vibez Magazine ( led by Filipa Thespian who provided iMoogi.TV prime channel distribution along with writeups in Nu Vibez Magazine of selected submissions.

JAY JAY EDIT: Of course the biggest thanks goes to FreeWee Ling without whose remarkable efforts, the book would not have come to light


  1. This is a great accomplishment. Loved reading it and seeing the work. Congratulations to all involved.

  2. Thanks.... yes... definitely one of the most important things we have done in the 6 hears UWA has been in SL