Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Transcending Borders: 4. Kicca Igaly and Nino Vichan

The next entries in UWA 3D Art & Machinima Challenge: Transcending Borders come from another pair of veteran UWA challenge artists.
Kicca Igaly - Transcending Borders
Kicca Igaly portrays a real life office work space with a laptop showing SL on the screen with a prim figure being created. Through the office window you see a painted street scene, in contrast to the realistic office. And beyond the wall is the SL space from the laptop depicted in full 3D as a work in progress. The surreality is a bit mind-bending as our focus shifts from image to "reality," remembering that the relative reality of the scene we are looking at is a virtual rendering on a flat screen in our own real life.
Nino Vichan - Bob & The Box

Nino Vichan presents his immersive installation titled "Bob & The Box." This is a set of dioramas with plays on the word and concept of "box," portrayed largely by a cartoon figure (Bob) and ... a box with as provocateur. The various scenes (Shakespeare, Puns, Paradox, Art, etc.) have several one-line jokes (in English) with boxes. Touching on the diorama provides translations in French and Italian.

Come see these and the other entries in the Transcending Borders show. And don't forget, there's still plenty of time to submit yours!

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