Sunday, August 24, 2014

LEA6 Spirit Within review by Victoria Lenoirre

Photo by Lagu Indigo
For the month of August at LEA6, we have Lagu Indigo and Stardove Spirit hosting their installation Spirit Within. It's a beautiful world and it gives you a feeling of peace. In their own words:

This art project is called Spirit Within based on a life death experience. As you land within the garden you are surrounded by water and light, you will view the steps leading up to a temple which within holds the light. The walk up to the temple you will have spirits on each side of the steps, this represents the spirits that where the guides that showed the way to the light, they where of pure light and like ancestors from the past.

As you reach the top within the temple is the light and an Angel, he was the giver of light and shows the way to the light though the darkness and back to reality and earth. The butterflies represent the rebirth and the beauty that there is life and that you can be reborn. My experience of life  and death is only a small part  of the journey and as the light was given so I am grateful to be  alive and free like the butterfly. There where many parts to this experience  and this is just the one part , maybe a dream of the mind or a reality. But I know that I got though a bad time and am thankful for the experience. It is like a cleansing of the soul to a new beginning of a new life.

The landing area is in a garden. You're bathed in a greenish glow. The walls of the palace are a calming light blue.

The palace is a shining golden yellow surrounded by the shimmering light green. It's magnificent!

The colors here are soothing and make me think about positive auras and spirituality. Every color symbolizes something. Yellow symbolizes enlightenment and intellect. Green symbolizes growth and harmony. Green is associated with safety. Blue symbolizes depth and stability. It is a calming color. Together, these colors create an environment of nurturing and life.

The structure is open except for a wall around it. But even the wall is clear and it does not feel confining.

I am happy that I got to ask Lagu some questions about Spirit Within.

 So this is your first installation in SL?

1)..This is our first installation  at Lea 6 where we had complete control of the build and the idea, Stardove has done a project at Philosopher's Stone at LEA 17. We have both done smaller projects within Second Life Burn 2 2014.

Do you believe in out of body experiences?

2)..Yes can be possible, some people are aware and some are not. Me and Stardove had different experiences at the same age, but at different times.

Do you believe in spirits and ghosts?

3).. Yes we believe there are forces that we can't understand just yet. A ghost and a spirit are two different things. A ghost is a shadow of a former self which has became trapped within an energy field, a spirit can be described in many ways. The spirit is the essence of life and can become many forms. We are all spirit, but believe that there is higher spirit than ourselves who have always been there in the light. But we are new spirits who have evolved from them, these spirits can be angelic angels our guides, how you use the sprit within you makes you the person you are. We believe the spirit is of true light.

What have you done in SL so far? 

4) We have been involved in a lot of projects within SL from artworks to builds we have worked with. Our artworks have been show at born Born Museum, Galeria Mexico, Visions Complex, Tanalois Group  Lie2 and Artwalk 2014. Most of our bigger works and builds have been Burn 2 and Artfest Eclectic Diversity. Other projects we have done within SL are Angel Spirit dances and charity event Feed a Smile.

What are your plans for the future in SL?
5).. To go on being creative and experience new things like making a film maybe and displaying more creative ideas to carry on improving .

Are you an artist or engineer in real life? Every detail of your work is deliberately laid out.

6)..In real life we are very creative people and have displayed a lot of are artworks for charity events. We love art and that is the path in which we are taking at this time in life .

Where can we see your creations?

 7)..At lea 6 and  at this time we have just started Fiat Artists Art  Tour with Owl Braveheart so you will be able to see some of are artworks there. Both me and Stardove want a gallery within SL to display our works so people can find us easier.

Stardove and Lagu are two artists to follow in SL. What will they do next? Feel free to ask them!

Great job to these two in creating Spirit Within!

Come visit Spirit Within now!

Have fun and enjoy the art!

-Victoria Lenoirre

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