Tuesday, August 19, 2014

LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES (August 2014): Lagu Indigo & Stardove Spirit's 'Spirit Within'

This month sees the dawn of fresh names in the virtual art world, with Lagu Indigo and Stardove Spirit taking the lead for the August round of the 4th cycle of the LEA Full SIM Art series at LEA 6. A full list of the LEA Full SIM offering since inception in 2011 can be found HERE.  Anyone interested in applying for either Dec 2014 or Jan 2015, please contact Jayjay Zifanwe with your interest and preferred month.


In Lagu & Stardove's words:

"This art project is called Spirit Within based on a life death experience, as you land within the garden you are surrounded by water and light, you will view the steps leading up to a temple which within holds the light, The walk up to the temple you will have spirits on each side of the steps , this represents the spirits that where the guides that showed the way to the light, they where of pure light and like ancestors from the past. as you reach the top within the temple is the light and an Angel he was the giver of light and shows the way to the light though the darkness and back to reality and earth. The butterflies represent the rebirth and the beauty that there is life and that you can be reborn, My experience of life  and death it is only a small part  of the journey and as the light was given so i am grateful to be  alive and free like the butterfly. There where many parts to this experience  and this is just the one part , maybe a dream of the mind or a reality .but i know that i got though a bad time and am thankful for the experience , It like a cleansing of the soul to a new beginning of a new life."

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