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2Lei's Rebirth! at LEA 6 November - December 2014, review by Victoria Lenoirre

On November 20th, 2Lei's International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women arrived at LEA 6 for the first time ever. This week long event has been in existence for years, this being the fifth year. It is heart-warming to see all the prims and builds by so many talented, caring artists in SL.

As in previous years, artists and photographers show their support through the images they create. This year feels different. You can teleport to various 3d art by various artists in SL. Each artist depicts a scene based on the theme of rebirth. Each year has had a different theme. 

This year’s theme is "Rebirth… together!". We cannot just denounce: we must dare to hope, to dream, to act, to make the dream come true and springboard for new dreams. Dreams in which men and women cooperate together to build a more just, more healthy society, in which violence does not represent the instrument upon which to convey anger, frustration, fear, and aggression.
We wish every woman’s heart beat be as strong as the drum of life. No woman will be forgotten or left behind. The "Rebirth" marks the passage of the works of artists who are exhibiting in these spaces, and the performers who will take turns on stage. The program is rich and detailed, and offers many insights. Now we want to talk about "rebirth". A rebirth towards a world where people can live, breathe, and dream without the fear of having to defend themselves. We are reborn together in front of each painting, opera, photograph, theater or musical show that a fragment of this kaleidoscope of images, desires, dreams, passions, and every project of rebirth involves. Primarily this involves the denunciation of what is evil, of what is burning, what clip wings, and cuts short lives. Then, after the denunciation, comes the dream: the work, the strength to believe it, and to make it happen together. "TOGETHER" is the keyword of a true renaissance. And we will be the first to give testimony. Men and women who, together, believe in this project and have put in place. Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

Outward look at 2Lei's build

The environment feels so open, freeing and natural. You can see tall cattails in the water and flowers and vines as well as rock formations are scattered about. If you try hard maybe you can taste the fresh, cool air and smell the freshness that can only be found in nature. 

From the landing point, you can get info, gifts, and click on triangular prisms that have white hover text above them that say, Teleport-libriamo tutti. 

Walk onto the deck to see the prisms to go to the 3d art. Each prism is marked by white hover text. You can find work by Pol Jarvinen, Solkide Auer, Tansee, Sniper Siemens, Kicca Igaly, and a few other artists. 

3d art by Solkide Auer and Sniper Siemens

If you click on the prism that says Colletiva 2 you will be brought to a gallery of photos and portraits. It feels like being on a boardwalk. Contributors are 2Lei, Lorys Laine, La Baroque, and Lookatmy Back. The images are poignant and beautiful. 

At the heart of this full sim are trees and a tree ring stumps. 

There is a lot to see here. You can choose to take a tour or just fly around. 

Aliza Karu was so kind and answered some questions I had about Rebirth and the event.

So this is the 5th year of 2Lei's International Day for the Elimination of Violence against women. What was the inspiration for it? How did the event start?

The event began five years ago, in fact, two women, Alice and Marjorie, as they talked
over various events that were organizing. The idea immediately struck
many of us and the group began . The first edition was a leap in the
dark, because even though we all had experience, bad or good, in
organizing events and we had experience in our own field, but a lot of
groups/sims participated. (There has always been a lot of sensitivity to
these issues in SL.) Trying to coinside the times, the needs and
availability of all is not easy .. the first edition was very special
because we made a marathon, from sim to sim, lasting several hours, all
in one night. Since then more and more people participated, so we
decided to do various events in several days. The event has then
expanded, not only in November, but also throughout the year, with OBR,
participation in SLBday, organizing flash mobs, until this year to have a
whole sim dedicated for two months to LEA6.

>>>Is 2Lei working in collaboration with any 
2Lei works with those who are available to
sponsor the event. We had several sponsors, such as Amnesty, Pangea,
Zero Violenza Donne, Fratelli dell'Uomo, Whipart Onlus, those of real
life, most obvious in SL. Throughout the year, funds are collected
through donations from various organized events. For example last year
we collected, thanks to a fashion event, the $L 539,150 which were then
donated to Amnesty http://secondlife2lei.blogspot.it/.../mai-piu-violenza..

>>>What is Rebirth about?<<<
 For some time, each year 
we give a theme for the event, a theme that wants bring positivity,
that gives hope. For example, last year the theme was "Freedom" in the wake
of the song that Fabio Tettoni (songwriter RL) donated to the committee
2Lei. This year we decided for the theme "Rebirth... together!". What could be more
positive than rebirth? Every human being can suffer, but he or she can
also decide never to suffer again and be reborn.

>>Every year International Day is a day of photos. What is
the theme of the photos? So every year it is a different
Artists are free to express themselves as artists in
SL. The theme is explained to them. Since this year the theme is
rebirth the artists are inspired by it. The result is extraordinary
because the mind of an artist goes beyond reality, it sees fine lines
and reinterprets them to make them be noticed by us.

>>>Is there a website or blog?<<< 
Sure,. the official 
blog has http://secondlife2lei.blogspot.it/ where you can scroll through the various editions in both photo and video. We also have several Facebook pages Home https://www.facebook.com/2Lei2life Project Around the World https://www.facebook.com/2LeiAroundAllTheWorlds STAND! regarding fashion https://www.facebook.com/2leidesigners
You can also find us on Flickr and Twitter, as well as the group IW.

>>>What do you believe we should do to stop the 
 Teach respect to our children. Stopping to look
inside oneself recognizing ones fears and overcome them. Ask for help
before it's too late. Respect each other and love each other.

Thank you so much 2Lei and all the artists who helped this year! It was definitely a memorable year!

Happy Holidays...Happy Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and have a great New Year everyone! Best wishes and blessings!

- Victoria Lenoirre

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