Wednesday, July 20, 2016

IMMATERIAL - Latest Entries 3

UWA's IMMATERIAL show is open to all artists. Entries are due 31 July. For complete details, see our Call for Entries.

We continue to get a steady stream of amazing new entries from a remarkably diverse demographic. Our first 14 entries are by artists from 13 different countries!

One of my all time favorite artist/collaborations is the team of Takni and Misio2. They always come up with something unusual and engaging. Takni's scripting never fails to impress, both technically and creatively. Their entry for IMMATERIAL is called "Pistons Soup." It's quite large, so you'll need to TP up to it from the gallery.

Ferdia Glenfadden has a personal piece with animated textures called "What I Barely Recall from my Childhood"

Almut Brunswick plays with scripted prims in "Behind the Canvas."

Dusty Canning returns with a highly interactive carnival ride titled "Thoroughly Irrelevant" (which it's not).

My friend Silas Merlin surprised me (and himself a bit, I think) with one of his latest experiments in 3D modeling, "Guardian Angels."

Another returning artist is Krystali Rabeni, who won a special UWA prize in the recent Pursue Impossible show. Her entry this time is "If Wishes Were Kisses."

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