Monday, July 25, 2016

IMMATERIAL - Latest Entries 4

UWA's IMMATERIAL show is open to all artists. Entries are due 31 July. For complete details, see our Call for Entries.

With only one week left to enter, the IMMATERIAL show is already one of our best in terms of quality and variety. Here are the latest.

Perennial favorite Corcosman Voom shows us a beautiful shifting white object. It is inspired by a poem by Laura Riding ("The Quids") and is titled "Monoton" from that poem.

Secret Rage has made a life size paperweight called "Inconsequentia."

Elle Thorkveld gives us a set of boxes with shifting textures in "Kinetic Hues."

Myra Wildmist has created a sort of immersive zoetrope with projected light and shadows in "Dance."

And since IMMATERIAL is an open exhibition and not a competition, I decided it was not a conflict of interest to add an entry of my own. It's actually a decentralized set of abstract prim figures in several locations in the gallery called "Thinking Of You." Some are connected by particle arrows that arc across the gallery space. The idea is to show figures in various groupings, but whose individual thoughts are about someone who is elsewhere.

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