Saturday, April 15, 2017


The first dozen or so entries for UWA Transformations have arrived and are on display in the UWA virtual gallery. The roster of artists so far is impressive:
  • Aequitas (3D)
  • Ama Avro (3D)
  • Belle (clio.hamelin)
  • Betty Tureaud (3D)
  • Glasz Decuir/Silas Merlin (machinima)
  • Glyph Graves (3D)
  • Karima Hoisan & Natascha Randt (machinima)
  • Noke Yuitza (3D)
  • Oberon Onmura (3D)
  • Secret Rage (machinima and 2D)
  • Slatan Dryke (3D)
  • Xerar (machinima)
This will likely be our final show before the sims close the end of July.  Deadline for entries is 30 April. See complete details on this blog.

Aequitas - Silver Lining

Ama Avro - Birth of antimatter

Belle (clio.hamelin) - In my skin

Betty Tureaud - Art critic

Glasz Decuir/Silas Merlin - Grow (machinima)

Glyph Graves - Sight Unseen

Karima Hoisan & Natascha Randt - The Changes Changes (machinima)

Noke Yuitza - Transcendence Despite Poison Rain

Oberon Onmura - Tangents

Secret Rage - Transformations (machinima)

Secret Rage - Girl & Pipe (2D)

Slatan Dryke - From Meiosis To Magnolia Grandiflora

Xerar - The Other? (machinima)


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