Sunday, April 23, 2017


With barely a week left for entries we now have 22 total entries for UWA Transformations. Along with several more entries promised, this is shaping up to be another exceptionally fine quality show and a fitting end to eight years of amazing art.

This will likely be our final show before the sims close the end of July.  Deadline for entries is 30 April. See complete details on this blog.

Here are the latest:
  • Dusty Canning
  • Elle Thorkveld (3D & 2D)
  • ErikoLeo
  • HOLALA Alter
  • Lusus Saule
  • Rosie Dimanovic
  • Silas Merlin
  • Thierry Lowtide 

Dusty Canning (Perth, Australia): My Journey - 'From Noob to Now'

Elle Thorkveld (Connecticut, USA): Transformation 331 for Humanoids

Elle Thorkveld (Connecticut,USA): Rebirth (2D)

ErikoLeo (Paris, France):A Virtual Wander in Two Dimensions and a Half

HOLALA Alter (Madrid, Spain ): My paper boat

Lusus Saule (UK): Portrait (2D animated)

Rosie Dimanovic (Grenoble, France): Ad vitam æternam

Silas Merlin (Morlaix, France): Funerary ship

Thierry Lowtide (Avignon, France): Spiritual Evanescence

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