Friday, November 27, 2009

Dusty's Diorama

The latest addition to the University of WA's landing point is not physically big... but it packs a lot into a small space. Dusty's Diorama has comeout of weeks of building, late nights and much hair pulling... but the results are stunning.

This diorama is a grown up version of the 100 prim train set Dusty entered in the November Imagine Challenge. As Dusty says in her accompanying notecard:
"This exhibit is the result of an addiction I developed to miniature model building after completing my entry for the November 3D Competition. This work is an extension of that entry but far beyond the prim limits of the Competition. I must again thank Jayjay for agreeing to exhibit this project as a non entry display."

Take the time to really look closely at this piece*, there is a lot there to see. (Dusty even made Quadrapop an biplane in hir signature cobalt blue, and look out for M Linden when you visit the Black Stump Station...)

If you take a copy of the notecard from the sign it includes the following list of 15 things Dusty suggests you look for or find out. Happy hunting!

1. Where would you find a beer in Black Stump?
2. What is the giant noob holding in his right hand?
3. Who's the most wanted man in Black Stump?
4. Do the planes ever collide?
5. How many rotations before the trains collide?
6. Is the windmill actually pumping water?
7. How much does quadrapop charge to hire hir plane for an hour?
8. Why does the sun rotate around Black Stump instead of over it?
9. Who is Black Stump's glamour pin-up boy?
10. Who plays the coolest Blues in Australia?
11. Is it safe to light a fire at Black Stump today?
12. Where wouldn't you go to learn to fly?
13. What makes being very small OK?
14. How long does it take for a tree in Black Stump to re-generate after a bushfire?
15. Is the Australian Air Force flying mannouvres or just mucking about?

* To "cam" in ctrl-alt-mouse click and drag/scroll to zoom in or out on the build. Pressing esc a few times will bring you back to the deafult view if you get lost.

The Black Stump Station

There is a map teleport to the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge above Dusty's sign - touch to bring up the map then teleport into the Imagine and Flagship Challenges.

Bloggers have already posted about this display - a measure of the excitement its rezzing has caused.
Miso Susanova, and soror Nishi mentions the November Imagine entry in her posting for the Koinup blog.

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