Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Repeat of Special UWA Tour - How the Sim Formed, Teaching, Research , Art

Wednesday 12.01am SL Time (4pm Perth, WA, Australia time)

There will be a repeat of the special tour of the UWA sims that covers the history of 3D works at UWA, how the UWA simns came into being, ley moments in development, as well at how teaching and research is conducted. This repeat is being conducted to accomodate a request from the University of New England.

The tour will conclude with a stop at the UWA 3D Art & Design Display platform, which displays some stunning artworks by some of SL's best artists!

Jokaydia was the original event that we will be replicating

Do check out Matt Jilley's fabulous You Tube on the sims.

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