Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November Entries Open & Another Prize Announced!

November entries have already started streaming in, the early ones will be displayed temporarily on the upper platform - take the rainbow tunnel up from the lounge area next to the Art & Design landing pavillion.

The October winners will be announced 5am SLT Sunday 8th November at the UWA Art & Design Platform on UWA sim. You have until then to cast your vote in the People's Choice Award for the October Imagine entries (there are 39 entries to choose from!). The voting panel is next to the Imagine entrance. The People's Choice Award winner will receive L$500 at the October Winners Announcement Party.


FOR NOVEMBER ONLY at the moment, an Artist Book Prize is being awarded. Juanita Deharo who owns Second Edition group is offering a L$2000 prize for an 'artist book' .

"An 'artists book' is an artwork in a book format, or an artwork which has its origin in the form or concept of the book."

You can interpret this in any way you want. The works will be judged by a panel from Second Edition group. This prize may be ongoing. Method of entry will be the same as for the IMAGINE & FLAGSHIP Challenges.

We are looking forward to seeing what this special prize will bring in the way of entries... please tell all your book mad friends about this opportunity.

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