Monday, December 6, 2010

Cherry Manga takes newly established Nordan Art Prize @ UWA


One day following the first winners announcements of the grand collaboration that is the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge, the collaboration expands, as the Nordan Art Group joins the fold with the establishment of the Nordan Art Prize, making this the 8th Art House/Group that is part of this collaboration, alongside UTSA, Pirats, Show & Tell @ Avaria, Odyssey, SL Art, BOSL & CARP.

The Nordan Art Prize panel is led by Flora Nordenskiold & Apmel Goosson.

The very first winner of the of the Nordan Art Prize (L$5,000), was declared immediately, and we are happy to announce that the winner is Cherry Manga's 'Doll Face'.

Describing the selection, Flora said, "Cherry Manga's work, depicts an open music box with a white painted face on a spine (with spinal cords) sticking out. A sweet, familar tune plays upon touch. Cherry's attention to detail and her use of exquisite texture makes this work stand out. There is also something both mysterious and playful about "Doll Face," which had me so fascinated that I came back and pressed the play button again. With this work, Cherry succeeds in capturing both the innocent and the mundane, leaving the viewer with an impression of something surreal. Viewing 'Doll Face' I found myself engaged on a deeper level."


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