Friday, December 17, 2010

New Look UWA 3D Open Poster by RAG Randt

With Nordan Art under the helm of Flora Nordenskiold & Apmel Goosson joining the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge as one of the partner groups/ associations alongside UTSA, BOSL, SL ART, Odyssey, CARP, Pirats and Show & Tell @ Avaria, a new poster was needed for the entry receiver and the info givers!

Up stepped RAG Randt to the plate, with his photoshop wizardry! Thank you RAG Randt, for the new look!

Describing the effort, RAG commented, "I was lucky enough to be inworld when the call came asking if anyone could create a new UWA poster. I volunteered and asked what it was about. The requirement was to put all the sponsors names and the UWA logo with the tag: A Grand Collaboration. That tag gave me my concept for the poster. I designed a layout that would hopefully convey the concept of artists and sponsors, mesh and scripting, all working together to create work that makes up the creative world of Second LIfe."


  1. This amazing poster is, of course, an artwork in its own right! I wish some of the graphic artists doing corporate logos in the real world could come up with stuff this good. Some you see around are pretty pointless... well, IMHO. I won't point fingers though, as I don't want to get my head bitten off. Or my finger.