Saturday, January 8, 2011

Betty Tureaud: Full SIM Artwork - The Art Planet, January 2011


UWA will be hosting a series of Full Sim art shows across the next few months, on the UWA Virtlantis SIM.

Betty Tureaud - January
Blue Tsuki - February
Anley Piers & Cherry Manga - March
soror Nishi - April
Wizard Gynoid - May

We are happy to announce the opening of the first of these full sim installations which will be open across the month of January.

Betty Tureaud's ART PLANET

In her words, "My art instalation is made like a oil painting that evolves during the work. I use trasparent color surfaces as flip themselves whichever direction you look. It allows you even to create your own paintings just turn and you see a new one. It is you who decides what colors and patterns, your picture will serve"

Click HERE to teleport to the starting point of the installation, where you can retrieve the full set of links.

I believe this is the first full sim artwork she has put on. Congratulations Betty!


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  1. I have had an initial look at Betty's installation (I was actually privileged to see a little of Betty's preparation, which for a non-builder was something to behold too!)... and I will soon be back for the full tour. This is Betty's trademark colour and motion on a scale that has to be seen to be believed! Congratulations, Betty, and thankyou for brightening so effectively what would otherwise have been a gloomy sim with the departure of Virtlantis!