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Cheri Cherry Lady - December Winners of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge


Cherry Manga's December Winner

Bringing back memories of Buddy Holly, Cherry Manga's IL PLEUT SUR MON COEUR COMME IL PLEUT SUR LA VILLE (It's raining in my heart, as it's raining in the town) took the top prize (L$10,000) for the December round of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge. Serendipity or synchronicity (depending on how you look at it from) struck, with her great friend Anley Piers' work, TRAVEL IN THE SHADOW OF TECHNOLOGY taking 2nd prize (and also the Summerland Special Prize). There was also a 3-way tie for 3rd place as the panel could not separate PARANORMAL FROTTAGE (Misprint Thursday), THE ILLUSIONIST (Gleman Jun) and LIGHT TOWER (Betty Tureaud).

Cherry (whose other work, FALLEN ANGEL, also took the BOSL Prize) was overwhelmed, "I could not imagine to win the first prize, there were such amazing entries this month, that I could not think that my work compared to those. Thank you so much for appreciating the poetry I tried to give in this work."

Travel in the Shadow of Technology - Anley Piers

Anley chimed in, "I'm so happy for Cherry, for myself. We have shared our work over the past few months and I am even more pleased with our cooperation today. We're a good team, we have proof now!"

Defending Grand Champion, Nish Mip's work, TURNING THE TIDE once again struck a chord, as it gained direct entry to the Grande Finale round by virtue of winning more than one of the Group Awards, taking both the SL Art Prize and the Pirats Prize. "I'm just so excited that my piece was liked so much. It means a lot to me and I'm soooo happy. I hope the environmental message from this was taken on board and wow just great thanks".

Turning the Tide - Nish Mip

The message was definitely not lost, as demonstrated by the comments of the Pirats panel in awarding the prize, "Initially we were captured visually by her work. Next it was the message of the work, great optimism in an apocalyptic world, urging us all to become aware of our role in response to changes in our environment."

A veteran of the UWA Challenges, Sabrina Nightfire's very personal and emotive work, STAGE 4, took the Odyssey Prize. We know this piece inspires everyone to fight hard to bravely face and overcome the numerous challenges life throws at us. "I am so glad to share this piece with others. It really shows how I have felt for the past year. I am so happy that it touches others."

Stage 4 - Sabrinaa Nightfire

The Odyssey panel commented "We were moved by this very powerful piece. It has everything - cleverly incorporating interactivity and participation while communicating something genuine and important. It is a piece that shares something special and that stays with you. "

Aside from the shared 3rd prize, Misprint's work, which also inspired two Machinima (by Yesikita Coppola & Apmel Goosson - links below) also took the Nordan Art Prize, "Thank you UWA for the opportunity and recognition for so much fine virtual art. It is an honor to have won 2 prize categories amidst such great work. I look forward to continued participation!"

Paranormal Frottage - Misprint Thursday

68 entries were received for the December round of this Challenge which represents a grand collaboration between major art houses and groups in Second Life. These include The University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA) led by Dr Carmen Fies, SL Art, led by Gleman Jun & Sunset Quinnel, CARP led by Josina Burgess & Velazquez Bonetto, Pirats Art Network led by Merlina Rokocoko & Newbab Zsigmond, Odyssey led by Fau Ferdinand & Lizsolo Mathilde, Show & Tell @ Avaria led by Florenze Kerensky & Barney Boomslang, BOSL led by Frolic Mills & Giela Delpaso, Nordan Art led by Flora Nordenskiold and Apmel Goosson & UWA with Professor Ted Snell, Chair of the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council as Chair of the UWA judging panel.

The second month of this year long L$1,000,000 challenge, saw an expansion of the countries represented in the various UWA events, spanning 6 of the 7 continents of the world. Artists, Builders & Machinimatographers from across the globe are represented including Russia, Venezuela, Belgium, Mexico, Wales, Canada, the USA, the UK, Uruguay, Scotland,England, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, France, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Denmark, Holland, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Cuba, Serbia, Tunisia, Germany, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

A new dimension was added to the People's Choice Award, as GeeJAnn Blackadder redesigned the voting system, resulting in a huge increase in participation in the People's Choice awards. In a close contest, Betty Tureaud's LIGHT TOWER took the top honours over Nish Mip's TURNING THE TIDE. The works of ChapTer Kronfeld, Faery Sola, Trill Zapatero, Anley Piers, Cherry Manga, Tensai Hilra, followmeimthe Piedpiper, Pumpkin Tripsa, Blue Tsuki and Aloisio Congrejo all featured strongly in the People's Choice.

Other winners include MISS N by Susan Graves (Best Non-Scripted), PAINTERARIUM by Trill Zapatero (UTSA Prize), MIRROR, MIRROR by Blue Tsuki (Show & Tell @ Avaria Prize), SNAKES by Takni Miklos (Carp Prize), CREATING THE WAKE OF YOUR DREAMS by Ginger Alsop (Carp Joint 2nd Prize) THE ILLUSIONIST by Gleman Jun (Carp Joint 2nd Prize), and GANESHA by Pumpkin Tripsa (Curator's Choice Prize).

FreeWee Ling in describing the Curator's Choice selection explained, "The work of this month's Curator's Choice winner is well known across SL. I have come across his work many times in disparate contexts. And in all probability, so have you. He was a winner of the 2007 Second Life Sculpted Prim Contest, which SL used to showcase the possibilities of the then-new sculpty technology. As JayJay can testify, when I saw his entry this month I was transfixed by its beauty and technical execution. The attention to detail is extraordinary. I encourage everyone to examine his work and to find inspiration in it as I have."

The December round inspired a number of spontaneous Machinima relating to the works on display which is a pleasing development. These include:

'Spin Cycle' by NicoleX Moonwall and 'Impromptu Performance Art' by Nina Camplin as to Fuschia Nightfire's 'Forbidden Fruit'

'Covered in Black' by Yesikita Coppola and'Paranormal Frottage' by Apmel Goosson of Misprint Thursday's work of the same name

Ginger Alsop favourites from the December round

The UWA blog has also almost been turned on its head (for the good), with the introduction of 2 amazing guest bloggers in the prolific Sayumi Tsunenaga and art historian Rowan Derryth (

On other fronts, the UWA Virtlantis SIM, has been transformed into a space for the display of FULL SIM art, the first month of which features Betty Tureaud's ART PLANET (click to Teleport). Betty's exhibition will be on display across all of January and this will be followed by Blue Tsuki in February, Anley Piers & Cherry Manga in March, soror Nishi in April and Wizard Gynoid in May.

Jayjay Zifanwe (Jay Jay Jegathesan - Manager, School of Physics @ UWA) has been invited speak on Second Life and the use of Virtual worlds in education at the 4th Australian Higher Education Congress (7th-9th March 2011) in Sydney, where numerous Vice Chancellors of Australian Universities are also speaking. Programme is as linked, and Jayjay's presentation will close out the congress on the final day

The January round of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge is officially open for receiving. Artwork entry receiver is located here


1st Prize: ($L10,000)
IL PLEUT SUR MON COEUR COMME IL PLEUT SUR LA VILLE ("It rains in my heart, as it rains in the town") by Cherry Manga

2nd Prize: (L$7,500)

3rd Prize: JOINT (L$1,700 each)
PARANORMAL FROTTAGE by Misprint Thursday


LIGHT TOWER by Betty Tureaud

Best Non-Scripted Entry: (L$5,000)
MISS N by Suzanne Graves

UTSA Prize: (L$5,000)
PAINTERARIUM by Trill Zapatero

SL Art Prize: (L$5,000)

Odyssey Prize: (L$5,000)
STAGE 4 by Sabrina Nightfire

Pirats Prize: (L$5,000)

Show & Tell @ Avaria Prize: (L$5,000)
MIRROR, MIRROR by Blue Tsuki

CARP Prize: (L$5,000)
SNAKES by Takni Miklos

CARP Joint 2nd Prize: (L$2,500 each)


BOSL Prize: (L$5,000)
FALLEN ANGEL by Cherry Manga

Nordan Art Prize: (L$5,000)
PARANORMAL FROTTAGE by Misprint Thursday

People's Choice Award - First Place (L$2,500) :
LIGHT TOWER by Betty Tureaud

People's Choice Award: Second Place (L$1,000) :

Curator's Choice Award (L$5,000):
GANESHA by Pumpkin Tripsa

Summerland Special Award (L$2,500)


  1. A wonderful summary of the winners, FreeWee, and some insightful exposition of the whole month's offerings. As curator you have an intimate grasp on the full range of all that is entered, and I really appreciate all that you do to make this competition a reality. I am privileged to have a tiny role in this. So, thankyou so much!

  2. Oops! It seems I don't recognize my own boss's writing style or understand how Blogspot works. The text here is Jayjay's while the photos are by FreeWee, and it seems that whoever's work is posted first ends up with credit for the whole post. Jayjay, thankyou for such a clear and professional overview of the month's winners!