Thursday, January 27, 2011

People's Choice Voting Begins : UWA 3D Open Art Challenge (January)


The People's choice voting round for the January round of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge is now underway

We have 74 amazing entries this month (click here to teleport to gallery). The awards ceremony is Sunday, Feb 6, at 6:00AM SLT, at the same location.

UWA 3D Open Art Challenge Artworks for January
1 Alizarin Goldflake Ophion's Egg
2 Alesia Barbosa Big Brother is Watching You
3 Alexxannder Firehawk Inside Jean
4 Anley Piers Where is the world
5 Anley Piers Planet Censored
6 Arrow Inglewood Symphony in the Barrel of a Gun
7 Artfox Daviau Easel
8 Asmita Duranjaya The New Paradise
9 Asmita Duranjaya Aquarium
10 Betty Tureaud X-Ray
11 Betty Tureaud Dream Box
12 Bloodfang Clawtooth artpeice 1 glass
13 ChapTer Kronfeld Cogito ergo sum
14 ChapTer Kronfeld Interaction
15 Cherry Manga Trap
16 Cherry Manga Harpy of Gluttony
17 claudia222 jewell strange plant ... uglyness and beauty
18 claudia222 jewell serpent chair vehicle
19 Corcosman Voom Urbanity
20 Dusty Canning Life
21 Eifachfilm Vacirca I have a dream
22 Fae Varriale Daughter of the Wind
23 Fae Varriale Beginning
24 Faery Sola Music Box
25 fiona Blaylock Camille Claudel and Rodin
26 fiona Blaylock Angelove
27 Gingered Alsop Liquidity
28 Gingered Alsop An Act of Madness?
29 Giovanna Cerise La fleur du mal
30 Giovanna Cerise Ice castle
31 Gleman Jun Ethereal Wave
32 Harter Fall Fluchtpunkte
33 Harter Fall Mitternachts-Glocke
34 Jesse Keyes Wheels and Earth
35 Jimmy Debruyere Butter in White
36 kyra Roxan Tryst
37 LavitaLoca Vita Invincible Summer
38 Louly Loon Faith
39 Louly Loon The Origin of the World
40 Loup Erin The Brainwasher
41 Loup Erin Television Rules The Nation
42 Luciella Lutrova magic marble
43 Martini Discovolante Polar Kiss
44 mcarp Mavendorf Clock
45 Miah Seetan Silver Phoenix
46 Miso Susanowa Commodity
47 Mochi Nyoki Mochi's Rainbow Step
48 Moeuhane Sandalwood Shivering Rock
49 Neon Hammerer Putrescible
50 Nickola Martynov Random Coxcomb
51 Nik Gandt Antini
52 Nik Gandt Triode Tube
53 Nino Vichan Surveillance
54 Nino Vichan La Nascita de Venere
55 Oberon Onmura Chroma (Loom)
56 octagons Yazimoto Best of the West
57 Oldoak Merlin Elephant scene
58 patrich Merlin Rainbow Bridge
59 Penelope Parx The sad one and the bondage one
60 RAG Randt Ascension Ship
61 Reezy Frequency Loaves and Fishes II
62 Saveme Oh Uwart
63 Scarp Godenot Sigh Of The Breast Forgotton
64 Selene Putzo Telstar
65 Silene Christen The Matrix
66 Silene Christen Garden of Chaos
67 soror Nishi Xmas Daisy Tree
68 spirit Radikal Captive Heart
69 spirit Radikal Respite
70 Suzanne Graves Choose Your Blossom
71 Takni Miklos Invisible Sphere
72 Takni Miklos & Yasmine Paneer fragmented venus
73 Ub Yifu Evolution 429 explained
74 Yasmine Paneer Black Venus

Now also receiving entries for the February round

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