Thursday, January 5, 2012

UWA 3D Artists' Choice Challenge: 3D Self Portraits

We have received 25 outstanding entries (SEE LIST BELOW) for the first UWA 3D Artists' Choice Challenge on the theme of 3D Self Portraits. The range of work is stunning, from small simple representational pieces to grand meshes to large immersive installations. Many of the familiar names are back, and many are new, but every piece here is worth taking the time to look at carefully. They will be up for the month of January.

People's Choice voting is active and will remain on for the rest of the month.

Please note that the participating artists themselves will be voting for the main prize winners using the same system as for the People's Choice voting. We will know who votes for what and can extract the artists' votes from the pool.

Please be sure to come look at all the pieces and vote! Your opinion is important!

Our current sponsor list includes:
  • artFiona
  • Eliza Wierwight/Patron
  • Mysterious Wave
  • NordenArt
  • Phi Designs
  • UWA

Please let them know you appreciate their support!

  1. Carmsie Melodie Portrait
  2. Cherry Manga Autoportrait
  3. Chic Aeon Do You See Me?
  4. Corcosman Voom Self portrait in Yellow
  5. Dusty Canning Thinking Outside the Box
  6. Eifachfilm Vacirca Smiley d-oo-b
  7. Fiona Blaylock Self portrait
  8. FreeWee Ling Am I my avatar's pet?
  9. Gleman Jun nuJ namelG
  10. Haveit Neox Portrait Clock
  11. kjs Yip Self portrait
  12. Lilia Artis One of billions
  13. Miso Susanowa Self portrait: i am not my code
  14. nexuno Thespian ancient ruins of temple of nex
  15. Nish Mip Self portrait
  16. Praxis Prax - Nut
  17. Rose Borchovski Self portrait
  18. Sea Mizin Juggling Away the Day
  19. Secret Rage There was a little girl
  20. Silene Christen Inner Light
  21. Silene Christen When you left
  22. Sledge Roffo Self portrait
  23. Suzanne Graves S in Prims
  24. ToySoldier Thor Swimmers - The Arrival
  25. Wotthe Dickins Magic Mirror
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