Saturday, February 18, 2012

MachinimUWA V Prize Pool rises to L$725,000

With thanks to Freemason Magic and the Cyberfreemasons, joining other sponors, AviewTV, Virtlantis, Phillip Vought and the Tornado Gallery the MachinimUWA V: Seek Wisdom prize pool has risen to L$725,000.

Freemason Magic explained that it was the theme, 'Seek Wisdom' was one close to their hearts and this is the reason for the support.

He explained that Cyberfremasonry, "Is a path of illuminations for seekers of wisdom in the virtual worlds to discover who they are and help other residents of the virtual worlds to obtaibn the same benefits.

Consist in the design, building and opeation of Cyberfeemason Cybertemples in the Virtual Worlds to make good avatars cyberfeemason avatars. We accept eveyone who want to expand the knowledge of cyberfreemasonry in secondlife helping then to learn how to use primatology, texturing, virtual lands and scripts.

The temple of wisdom contains 3 chambers to explain that wisdom is a path rather than something you obtain immedialtly. The Cyberfreemason EnterApprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Cyberfeemason avatas are elavated in degrees by rituals and ceremonies all practice in the cybertemple."

Freemason Magic is Gran Patron of Gran Logia Cibernetica 3D virtual lodge for cyberfreemason avatars.

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