Thursday, February 9, 2012

Victoria Lenoirre's Look at LEA Full Sim: "You Choose" by Romy Nayar & Ux Hax

This month's LEA Full Sim gallery is "You Choose" by Romy Nayar & Ux Hax.

The landing point is in the water.

Follow the water in front of you and you'll see a robot with a top hat. You can get a copy of him even. Enable sound. I think he says hello in at least 5 languages. Can you identify all the languages? I think it looks cute. Maybe you'd like to put him near your front door? :-)

According to Romy & Ux:

The exhibition “You choose”, part of the idea of the tree of life. A wooden tree symbolizes the construction of the life of the visitor.

The path through its branches, symbolizes the life progression until the first of the election.

At that point one starts on three ideas :

- The alarm clock: Where you venture in a “relatively” real world. Your choices : go to work or stay at home sleeping have different ends.

- The little house fantastic: adventures in a fantastic world. Two different points of views on the same story. According to the visitor choses will happen a thing or another.

- Flower: You walk into a surreal word in which you need to find the right path to the end.

You choose a game, in which the visitor himself is the protagonist.

And now on to my questions:

VL: Haces las texturas y las sculpts? Do you make the textures and the sculpts?

R: Yes I do it myself

VL: Por qué hiciste tu obra sobre el destino? Why did you make your work of art about destiny?

R:’s something uncertain, you never know what will happen. As the choices that you make, you never know where you are going to finish.

We like this concept of the choice and Ux Hax and myself thought about this exhibit where the visitor have all the choices...Where he is part of the history and makes the path to go to a different ending.

Here's the rest of what I have to say regarding navigating through this excellent installation or obra, as Spanish-speaking people would see, which means "work of art."

After you go several paces past the little robot guy in the top hat, you'll see a chairlift to your left. Sit and you'll be lifted to a staircase. Tread carefully or you'll fall and you'll have to start all over again. Or if you prefer, just fly up. I find it easiest to take the stairs though. You'll see a sign saying "Destiny under construction!!".

"You Choose" is a tall wooden tree that's a series of wooden stairs, pulleys, and chair lifts, much like a construction scaffold. You'll need to sit on the chairlifts to get to some sections of stairs.

Walk carefully on the stairs, so you don't fall. The drop is deep. Fortunately, damage is not enabled.

Keep walking until you see a beige-colored sign that says "Teleport to your Destiny."

After that, you find yourself in a dark room with 3 tables. One item is on each little table. There's a clock, a sunflower, and a tooth? You can sit on each table to be teleported to another location. In front of each table is a beige screen with the words, "You Choose" written on it.

At every scene, you'll find at least one thing to sit on. It'll either take you forward on your journey or backwards to the point where you made your choice. Don't you wish real life was like that--that you could stop when you know you're on the wrong path and return to where you started?

This is one of the most thoughtful bodies of work I've ever seen in SL. We all wonder and worry about whether we're truly living out our destiny. Are we making the right choices? Are we following all the right paths?

I find it interesting how at some places in this exhibition, you see road signs that tell you that you went the wrong way. Sadly, this is not how it is in real life. This work definitely has a dreamlike quality to it. Incidently, there is a room about sleep. I could not resist myself so I took a picture of it.

As I walked through this exhibition I kept feeling like I was small like an ant. In the scheme of life, we are small and uncertain about where the way will lead us. At times we just have to "go with the flow", we cannot always be in control of every single detail of our existence.

And so, I hope you all come and view "You Choose" by Romy Nayar and Ux Hax. It is a well-built and thought-provoking body of work! And as one of my photographer friends said, "It's a photographer's dream." I know I'll visit again and again to take some pictures.

This is the landing spot:

Enjoy the art and take care!

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