Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Victoria Lenoirre's Exploration of the UWA Sky Sim Series: CYBORG NATURE b Giovanna Cerise

For this month, the month of February, the UWA Sky Sim Series is hosting an installation by Giovanna Cerise called CYBORG - NATURE. Intrigued? Read on, dear explorer of art.

The landing point is here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/WASP%20Land/128/137/25

At the landing point you should see a big, white spider, "ragno blanco". It looks amazing.

You'll see a dark blue door next to you, an anywhere door, with a white frame. Click it and sit and you'll be taken up to 1002 meters. In front of you, you should see a sign in blue with the heading "CYBORG - NATURE" and a picture of a grid on it. Click that sign for a notecard about this new installation.

The notecard says:

The careless use of their intelligence led the man to the self-destruction. On our planet, without humans, the Nature missed her aspect, almost plasticizing themselves, in cold colours.
A few species of insects have survived because they have adapted themselves in the new environment. But unfortunately, there are always some creatures that repeat all the humans’ errors.
They use the technologic to overwhelm the others, they manipulate them by their cybernetic and they exploit them.
Through their work, some natural element survives whose benefits effects are for the exclusive use of the dominant race.

Up in the sky, you find yourself in a wide space and there's a narrow corridor. At the end of the corridor you'll find yourself in another wide space. All around you see a grid. You can walk through it as well. It is like walking in a corn field. It surrounds you through its vastness and density.

I kept walking to my right until I saw an object called faccia luminosa. Standing guard next to this machine were two big scorpions with prosthetic legs. Men gave them those artificial legs so that they could stand near the machine and operate it. Men have programmed and trained cyborgs like these to do all the work, just like robots.

I interviewed Giovanna Cerise about her body of work, below is the interview:

What is faccia luminosa? The machine with the golden spiral and the flashing lights, what is  that called?
“Light Face" is the Italian name for panels, which emit light intermittently, a light that produces energy. I have not given a specific name to the machine, even as other elements of the installation, but keep in mind that its function is to produce energy to keep alive the few natural elements, trees, that can survive on our planet, we could also call it  an "Energy converter".

Why do you believe that there "are always some creatures that repeat all the humans' errors"?
I imagined a world in which humans are gone, because the selfishness prevailed, and consequently  the desire to dominate. I found that the survival instinct is always prevails and that, when combined with the law of the strongest, understood not only like a physical strength but also as the power to control the technology and science in general, leads to dramatic consequences. I think this may be extended not only to men but to all living beings, of whatever kind they are. This is already evident in periods in which the resources are enough for everyone if shared equally, imagine what will happen when it is not so.

Insects will survive the destruction. What do you find fascinating about insects? Is the spider your favorite insect?
I love all animals. Insects fascinate me in a particular way because despite their small size, they are perfectly capable of surviving against the inventions of men who seek to destroy them. Just think that when they evolve, they develop a resistance to insecticides ever stronger, so you are forced to create ever more powerful insecticides and in the end they hurt a lot of men.
As for the spiders, it is true, I have a sympathy toward them. A little 'time ago I had a spider , that lived in my room. Unfortunately he had a bad end. My mother killed him when I was not there. He made too many cobwebs! And when I built these spiders I thought of him.

"They use the technology to overwhelm the others, they manipulate them by their cybernetics and they exploit them."
How do they use technology to overwhelm others? How do cybernetics overwhelm others in this situation?

We know very well that any invention may be used for positive or negative purposes. Any scientist or inventor, of any epoch, should always think about the problem on the use of his invention or discovery.
The use of technology, to threaten, intimidate, overwhelm and exploit others, the weakest, is a constant reality, unfortunately, in our time.
Cybernetics is one of those examples, because through the use of artificial elements, you can create beings superior in strength and ability. They don’t think to improve the quality of life but to enhance the capacity to dominate. Cyborg nature is in fact a metaphorical vision of what, unfortunately, is a clear reality of our times and not only, at the same time a small invitation to reflect on it.

This is quite a somber scenario for the future of the world we live in, in which we are increasingly becoming more and more dependent on machines, robots, and other forms of advanced technology. While they can and do make our lives easier and efficiency increases, it could lead to serious consequences for the well-being of the human race.

Thank you, Giovanna for sharing this vision with us!

To see this body of art, go here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/WASP%20Land/128/137/25

As always, have fun and enjoy the art!
faccia luminosa & 2 scorpions with prosthetic limbs

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