Thursday, July 4, 2013

REFLECTIONS: UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge - Audience Participation Event (Win a Share of L$20K)

The Grand Finale Winners announcements for UWA Centenary 3D Art Challenge: REFLECTIONS will be held in August, along with the winners announcements for the Machinima Challenge. We have on display at UWA 64 artworks from all corners of the globe, except Antarctica (as usual).

One of the artworks below will be awarded the L$100,000 Grand Prize in AUGUST 2013!

UWA would like to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of the lead curator for the event, FreeWee Ling, of the Unites States, who is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Western Australia. We would also like to acknowledge fellow sponsors, OPEN THIS END, with thanks to Cristina García-Lasuén (RL) / Aino Baar (SL), PEACE IS A CHOICE Gallery, with thanks to TheDove Rhode,  Virtlantis, with thanks to Kip Yellowjacket, Best of Second Life (BOSL) Group with thanks to Frolic Mills, Secret Rage, The Guided Tour Company, with thanks to JonyBlade Codesmith, Japanese Arts Journalist, Temi Sirbu and  UWA, with special thanks to Professor Ted Snell, Director of the Cultural Precinct & Jon Stubbs, Director of Student Services.

More than L$600,000 will be distributed at the winners announcements from 6am SLT on Sunday the 4th of August 2013. This will be held in conjunction with the winners announcements of the MachinimUWA VI: REFLECTIONS

Win a Share of L$20,000, A Spot on the Official Jury for the next Grand Art Challenge @ UWA & Special RL Package

Deadline For Audience Participation Prizes: Midnight SLT 10th July 2013
L$20,000 has been set aside for all art lovers who take part in a special participation event. We are asking everyone to view the artworks and give us whom you think will finish in the TOP 10 in order 1st - 10th as decided by the official judging panel. (email OR list them on a notecard to Jayjay Zifanwe - please put your name on the title of the notecard with the words REFLECTIONS UWA Centenary 3D Audience Event).

The 5 participants whose order comes closest to the final order decided by the judging panel (Listed here), will win for themselves between L$7,000 - L$1,500. The first prize winner will also be invited to be on the panel for the next grand art challenge and ALL 5 will receive in the mail a special pack that includes a copy of the book, '100 Treasures of UWA' which was produced for UWA's Centenary. 

* More than happy for the artists taking part as well to submit their lists, as this will not impact the actual results

(Awarded to viewers/ visitors whose top 10 lists most closesly aligns to the actual juried top 10)
1st Prize L$ 7,000
2nd Prize L$ 5,000
3rd Prize L$ 4,000
4th Prize L$ 2,500
5th Prize L$1,500 

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Click Here for Start Location (OR, you can teleport directly to each artwork by clicking the name):

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