Thursday, July 4, 2013

LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES: Nino Vichan's "When the Mind's Eye Listens"

After the first months break in the LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES since it started some years ago, Nino Vichan brings it to life once more with 'When the Mind's Eye Listens' for the July Round. A full list of the Series 3 offerings for the LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES can be found on the blog: LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES (click here for full year schedule)

GRAND OPENING: It's always open

In Nino's words:
"In the infinite space of your mind's eye the neural pathways that define your memories, dreams, fantasies, and the memories of those dreams and fantasies, intersect and reform patterns that combine the stimuli received from your visual and auditory input channels.

In this dimension the laws of physics are only used as referential material for the infinite creative processes that govern your experiences.

Free floating endlessly through this continually modulating universe you encounter a melody from a wooden flute that drifts like a dusky, perfumed mist and gives you a feeling of peace.

A flash of pure yellow light, that is only the meaning of the color and not the visual color itself, is defined by a metallic crash that evaporates into the vapor.

The universe of your Mind's Eye is inhabited by strange and wonderful creatures, of Intangible substance or pure color, that live in the ephemeral space of a momentary sound.

I offer this work as a vehicle into your mind's eye where you may pause for a moment and breathe deeply and slowly in an atmosphere of
                    emotion                                                 and meaning..."


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