Saturday, November 8, 2014

Freedom Project in 'Artist's Chronicle' Book Review & A Feature at 'The Other Film Festival'

The Nov/Dec issue of the West Australian Visual Art Journal, 'Artist's Chronicle', carries a review of the Freedom Project book that can  be found HERE.

The book, crafted and put together by UWA arts curator FreeWee Ling was the end of a nearly year long cycle which saw he Freedom Project take life. The UWA's 'The Freedom Project', call for artists, filmmakers and writers from across the globe with disabilities or chronic illnesses to share a creation which showed what freedom meant to them and were invited to share their own personal story of how virtual worlds assisted them in gaining that freedom.

The Freedom Project was also the trigger for Victorian Arts Access to invite UWA 3D virtual worlds founder, Jay Jay Jegathesan to speak at 'The Other Film Festival' in Melbourne this December.

The work of Xia Firethorn, 'My body is a cage', features in the Artist's Chronicle book review. It will be available online as well presently on the Artist's Chronicle website.



  1. My reaction didn't meet any of the three specified above, though was rather one of relief, awe and admiration for the freedom and outlet it allows these trapped and gifted human beings to express themselves in such a creative, imaginative and artistic way. A deserving and worthy project offering so much both to its contributors and the audience at large.

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