Sunday, November 9, 2014

FreeWee Ling wins $18,000 Endeavour Executive Fellowship to Visit Perth, UWA

FreeWee Ling has had many remarkable feathers in her cap across the 4 years she has been curator of virtual arts with UWA's 3D Virtual presence. Pioneering the UWA Studies in Virtual Arts Series, curating the various grand art challenges, conceptualising and running the Artists Choice series, the Tim Maley Butterfly Garden in collaboration with Disability in the Arts, Disadvantage in the Arts WA (DADAA), and many more.

In a fitting acknowledgement to her incredible contributions to global and trans-pacific art, FreeWee has this week received a letter from the Australian Minister of Education, Christopher Pyne,  informing her of her selection as the recipient of the 2015  Endeavour Executive Fellowship worth  approximately $18,000 which will allow her to travel the the University of Western Australia, in Perth for 4 months.

FreeWee had remodelled the inside of Winthrop Hall using a combination of building plans, videos and photos and built the Len Zuks UWA Centum created for UWA's centenary, and early next year for the first time, she will be able to appreciate these in person, and meet all the people she has been working with across the years through SL including Professor Ted Snell, Len Zuks, quadrapop Lane, Dusty Canning, Sharni Azalee and Jay Jay.