Thursday, November 6, 2014

UWA SiVA - Past, Present, Future

In 2012 I created the UWA 3D Artists' Choice Challenges, a series of eight monthly exhibitions on different themes, with winners chosen by the participating artists. Along with this series I began to assemble my documentation into exhibition catalogs for each show which became the online journal series, UWA Studies in Virtual Arts, an official publication of UWA. A few of these issues were selected to have very limited print runs, including the first Artists' Choice show, last year's UWA Centenary REFLECTIONS, and this year's amazing FREEDOM PROJECT. We were fortunate with this last edition to have gotten sufficient funding to provide a printed copy of the book to each participant.

On some of the early Artist's Choice editions I had started the work, but had gotten sidetracked with other priorities. I am happy to announce that the backlog of those issues has been completed and all 8 Artists' Choice exhibition catalogs are now online.

I have just begun photographing the current exhibition: TRANSCENDING BORDERS. For this book I plan to highlight the winners of the MachinimUWA VII competition as well as the 3D art show. This is one of the most exciting shows we have ever done and I'm looking forward to assembling the SiVA catalog for it.

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