Wednesday, March 10, 2010

UWA & Through The Virtual Looking Glass

UWAin SL's gallery spaces will be taking part in a RL/SL cross over as part of the Through the Looking Glass project opening in RL on April 7 2010

As the intro page of Through the Looking Glass website says:

Through the Virtual Looking Glass is the collective name for exhibitions of virtual art that will take place this April in five real world galleries and other spaces in as many countries, specifically, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, and the United States.

Australia will also participate in the April events virtually, while hosting a real world exhibition at a time later this year.

Organizers of the exhibition in each country will choose its content and methods of display which will include interactive artworks from the virtual worlds Second Life and OpenSim, images and machinimas (virtual world videos) shown on plasma screens and digital frames, prints of virtual artworks, physical sculptures and paintings inspired by virtual art, some with embedded electronic components, and literary readings and musical performances occurring in the real world exhibition spaces and streamed live into Second Life and OpenSim.

Through the Virtual Looking Glass is organized and presented by a network of international groups, all of them leaders in the field of virtual art, including the Caerleon Sims/Virtual Art Initiative, Cybernetic Art Research Project/Diablous, Museo del Metaverso/Uqbar, Pirats, the University of Massachusetts, and the University of Western Australia.

Quoted from here

The University of Western Australia will be taking part virtually via its SL presence, this will include:
  • a special viewing of the artworks that are so far in the running for the grand prize in the UWA 3D Art & Design Imagine Challenge
  • A special display of the collaboration between Len Zuks (RL) and Miso Susanowa (SL) on the recreation and reinterpretation of 3 of Len's RL sculptures - where possible this will link to RL venues where the works can be seen.
  • Art talks given by some of the artists who have entered the Imagine Challenge (including Miso Susanowa)
  • The monthly Imagine and Flagship Winners Announcement Party on the expanded UWA art sims.
As we get closer to the date/s we will blog in more detail each of these events.


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