Thursday, January 20, 2011

Art's 3D Warriors !

The Science Network is carrying a story on the UWA Second Life presence. Talks a little bit about all the arts and machinima activities, and does feature the winning machinima created by Laurina Hawks and Bradley Dorchester!

Also refers Patch Thibau'd winning architectural build from the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge.

And since I'm too self conscious to sing about the next thing in lights as I am more deeply involved than usual (and doesnt really have too much to do with UWA), I am thankful to Apmel Goosson for running a little piece on it. Hope to see you there this weekend

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  1. Great, Jayjay - coverage like this is great to see, especially as it draws more local Perth attention to what a lot of people around the rest of the world already know - UWA rocks the alternative metaverse art scene! Yay, go Jayjay, go UWA!! =^.^= Good luck on Sunday, too!!