Sunday, February 13, 2011

The UWA Pavilion Project and Documentary featuring UWA SL Co-Founder

Original SL version by Mrs Brandi, based on plans

The University of Western Australia's inaugural Pavilion Project asked graduate architects and early career designers to create an exciting and original structure. It had to be a fusion of art and architecture and employ green technologies and principles to provide economical and environmentally friendly emergency shelter for remote areas and communities at times of disaster or distress(note this was not an SL project).

Gumby Roffo creation, based on actual & Mrs Brandi designs

The independent judging panel - UWA Winthrop Professor Geoffrey London, Singapore-based architect Richard Hassell, Melbourne-based architects Sean Godsell and Peter Corrigan, and UWA graduate and Sydney-based architect Abbie Galvin – selected Elisa Mansutti & Luca Pavarin’s design from the 76 submissions from 24 countries.

The real deal @ UWA

They won the UWA Convocation Prize of US$10,000 and a mentorship with architectural firm Cox Howlett and Bailey Woodland.

Beyond the winning submission, two projects were highly commended: a team of Perth-based UWA graduate architects, including Ken Chun Kit Yeung, Jack Sze-Ho Choi, Tor Johnny Dahl and Vanessa Chiau Wei Chong was commended for its ‘plan blue' design; as was an innovative ‘dandelion shelter' design from Portland, Oregon-based Swedish architect Anders Gustafsson, a graduate of Lund University.

The winning design will be erected in Whitfeld Court at the University and launched on the 14 February as part of the University’s anniversary celebrations.

In the meantime, Evgeni Sergeev (SL: Mrs Brandi) who invented the Sketchlife method of creating objects within Google Sketchup and transferring it into Second Life used the method to bring a model of this onto Whitefield Court within Second Life (as per photo above). As such for the anniversary celebrations, the winning design will be standing on Whitefield Court both in real life and Second Life!

Click here for full information on the Pavilion Project.

In other news, Honourary School of Physics Research Fellow Dr Chris Thorne (SL: Dragonmage Bogan, co-founder of the UWA Second Life presence along with Jay Jay Jegathesan / Zifanwe)is featured in a documentary on the iinet channel. It shows a bit of the history of the development of virtual worlds at UWA including the Google earth project and shows snippets of Bradley Dorchester's prize winning effort from the original UWA Machinima Challenge. Fast forward to around 8:35 onwards.



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